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0008258opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2017-10-30 06:422017-11-08 06:12
Windows 7
Standalone (Multiple Regions) , Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
.NET / Windows64
Cool VL Viewer
0008258: Mesh not rezzing
Using Cool VL Viewer with "Advanced" -> "Network" -> "Auto-kill bogus objects" enabled, mesh is not rezzed. I've tried with a default Blender cube and get the same results. I reported to Henri and got the following reply:

I could reproduce the issue, which seems to be an OpenSim bug in the mesh objects upload validation: when uploaded in SL, the default Blender cube does not produce such an issue, while when uploaded in OpenSim it results in a cube where the hole max Y size number exceeds its upper limit of 0.5 (upper limit in the bogus cube is 1.0)...

I verified this was not yet again one of those undocumented OpenSim "features", but no, all other viewers also impose the same 0.5 limit for the Y hole size, including for OpenSim grids...

For next release, I implemented a workaround, ignoring that limit (and simply clamping it) with regards to the automatic derendering of bogus objects, when connected on an OpenSim grid... But OpenSim folks should correct that bug in their code (it's however probably too late for mesh objects that already have been uploaded).
Enable Auto-kill bogus objects.
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2017-10-30 10:44   
Those parameters are irrelevant for meshes, why are they checked on that case?
2017-10-30 12:04   
anyways, made some changes on code (out git master branch), so that mesh basic shape torus does have hole size Y of 0.5
lludp send code also fixes this, for meshes already loaded.
2017-10-30 12:08   
by fix I mean will send corrected size, the mesh will stay like it was at upload.
2017-11-08 06:12   
Mesh is working in OSgrid (Dev) 8479658cd0: 2017-11-08 as it should. Thanks Ubit