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.NET / Windows64
0008187: running opensim in 32bit mode on 64bit Windows
Back in 2014 there was a decision to only run opensim in 64bit on 64bit machines
and the tool to do that was remove from bin folder.

That was wrong back then and still is in many cases.
you can now use bin/OpenSim32.exe to run again in 32bit mode in 64bit machines

(it is possible that when we push to .net 4.5 opensim default becomes 32bit also, since that is that framework default for AnyCPU, but not now)

- restriction: the virtual address space of each instance (ie each OpenSim32 program) is about 1.9GB
- advantage: it will use less memory and will (by consequence) a bit faster.

- avoid running several regions on same instance (this is the lesser reason)
so 1.9GB limit is less of a problem

note this is Virtual memory.. no relation to physical
and on its use is include all things the program needs (load exe, dlls etc )
except the API to the OS and possible some parts of the framework that have own 8TB of virtual memory

some simple stats:

test set: windows 7 Ultimate SP1
3x region + 1x region + 2x region all 3 in same instance
36028 prims 2906 scripts
numbers just after Enabled logins. mem use will grow a bit more since at this point some needed code and structures for avatar etc, is still not loaded.

region started with OpenSim32 (so 32bit mode)

Heap allocated to OpenSim : 388 MB
Last heap allocation rate : 0.346 MB/s
Average heap allocation rate: 0.357 MB/s
Process memory: Physical 773 MB Paged 735 MB Virtual 1161 MB
Peak process memory: Physical 781 MB Paged 743 MB Virtual 1161 MB

numbers from a external tool abot Virtual memory use
total commited 929MB ( this includes all the exe and dlls)
private comited bytes 752MB
workset 792MB

region started with OpenSim (so 64bit mode)
Heap allocated to OpenSim : 533 MB
Last heap allocation rate : 0.48 MB/s
Average heap allocation rate: 0.469 MB/s
Process memory: Physical 1074 MB Paged 1068 MB Virtual 1680 MB
Peak process memory: Physical 1101 MB Paged 1074 MB Virtual 1698 MB

total commited 1290MB ( this includes all the exe and dlls)
private commited bytes 1092MB
workset 1105MB

NOTE I do not recommend 32bit mode on a region with 36k prims even with still about 800MB of free VM, VM limit is a HARD limit..

mono will always run in 64b unless you do have a 32bit mono runtime, you can use a contained like Docker ( [^]) for that. (thanks Dahlia for the info)
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