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0008175: "Modify perms granted" notice shows on every visit to foreign grid
I have been granted modify permissions on a friends' objects on a different grid. Every time i hypergrid there, I get the system message 'You have been granted modify/edit perms on friend's objects' (not sure about the exact wording).

Just a minor nuisance but could be looked at.
1) Go to foreign grid
2) Have a friend or alt who is resident there grant you edit perms on their objects
3) TP back home
(perhaps relog between)
4) Everytime you TP to the foreign grid from now on you'll see the message pop up
The versions are:

Source grid: OsGrid
Running OpenSim master

Destination grid: Genesis grid
Running OpenSim (Win/.NET)

Will later test between two grids both running 0.9 and add my findings.
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2017-05-22 05:21   
Followup, grant perms from friend on OsGrid to friend on the Metropolis Beta grid

Metro-dev grid is running:
OpenSim MetroTest Dev GIT:7c3200b-0.9.0-1391-g7c3200b (Unix/Mono)

Osgrid is running master

I can confirm the bug occurs when both grids run 0.9. I logged in & teleported back and forth a few times.

On a unrelated note, the avatar name of the osgrid test person (and now friend) resolves to Unknown User to the Metro friend.