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0008058: Informative Info For Windows 10 USERS
This mantis was created to inform users who use windows 10 as a opensim server.

By default windows 10 has Quick Edit enabled in CMD properties and Defualts.
You must turn off quick edit mode to keep your regions from locking up /pausing.
1. Open the command prompt by either clicking Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt, or by clicking Start, Run then typing in "cmd" and pressing enter.
2. Click on the C:\ icon in the top left and select Defaults.
3. uncheck Quick Edit Mode and click OK.
Your consoles wont hang anymore
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To clarify, @cuteulala's suggestion can help prevent accidental interaction in the window from pausing the console which can effectively lock it up until you type something like return.

Quick edit mode in a command shell window though does let you select and copy text in the console, which can be useful for issue reporting, etc.

These sorts of helpful notes to users might be better recorded in an OpenSim wiki page.

Mata Hari   
2016-11-16 13:27   
Further to that, it's easy to turn on/off quick edit at will for any console window by:

- right-click on the title bar of the console window
- select "properties" from the drop-down menu
- on the "Options" tab in the Edit Options section you can toggle on/off Quick Edit Mode