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0008037: OpenSim.ini.example comment at start of AppDomainLoading element now inconsistent with default settings
In Commit 90be32 UbitUmarov [2016-10-15 20:06:17]
OpenSim.ini.example.. you need to delete two lines above the change made as the default for is no longer "true".

    ;; Set this to true (the default) to load each script into a separate
    ;; AppDomain.

This should be amended to

    ;; Set AppDomainLoading to false to load each script into a separate
    ;; AppDomain.
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2016-10-16 09:31   
your suggestion is not correct. The appdomainloading behavior did not change, only its default value as defined in OpenSimDefaults.ini
It should read
Set this to true to load each script into a separate....
2016-10-16 09:39   
as it does now..
Also OpenSimDefaults.ini does not need to match the internal code default setting, (it would be a redundant file)
we do try to keep it in sync, but not on changes like this that we will like to be temporary.
2016-10-16 10:34   
Yes, sorry for the flip of boolean in my suggestted rewording

And noted that you made a suitable comment change in git master. Thanks.