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0008015: Bulk Upload Failure Rate Insane (BASHES HEAD)
almost impossible to bulk upload 2 things at once without one of the assets failing! (Especially Sounds)
Probably the most irritating thing on open sim is not being able to upload sounds for my organ! because i have to do one at a time for 88 sound wavs
Fix my sanity please :P
Bulk Upload a few things
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2016-09-01 15:26   
I have seen this many many times and have asked about it in the past with no clear answer on it. I've personally suspected a change in the viewer code has brought about this issue. Older viewers (Such as Phoenix Viewer 1600 and earlier, Singularity 1.6.0 and earlier, etc.) seem to upload in bulk one at a time with a short pause between each upload; but the newest viewers seem to just try to upload everything all at once perhaps flooding either OpenSim, the database server, or both.

Right now the only workaround that I've ever been able to find and have success with is to use an older viewer to do bulk uploads... Which is admittedly getting hard to do since more and more applications out there are insisting on installing .NET 4.5 or higher as a prerequisite which in of itself seems to break those viewers and cause them to crash and burn hard.