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0007942opensim[REGION] Script Functionspublic2016-06-25 15:082019-02-06 11:30
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master (dev code) 
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0007942: llTriggerSound only playing sound locally when used in a hud
llTriggerSound() is playing sound only for for owner when object is attached as a hud. Meaning a hud with sound intended for others to hear cannot be heard. This is correct behavior for llPlaySound() and the sl wiki for llPlaysound says:

"If the object playing the sound is a HUD, the sound is only heard by the user the HUD is attached to.

To play a sound inworld from a HUD use llTriggerSound."

Get a friend or an alt and use this script below:
string sound = "89bf9e38-52d5-4e15-af9c-edeb5b12a6cd"; //uuid or name of item in inventory
    touch_start(integer total_num)
        llTriggerSound(sound, 1.0);
} [^] [^]
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<cia-opensim> opensim: ajlduarte * r8cb3787de86a OpenSim/Region/CoreModules/World/Sound (SoundModule.cs):
<cia-opensim> mantis 7942: allow llTriggerSound on HUDs to send sounds to all.

thanks ubit!
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