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0007902: Adding osNpcLookat function
This function would be very easy to implement, I guess, and would dramatically add reality to NPC behavior.

Basically this would add to the NPC the ability to move just the eyes or optionally head and eyes, looking at a specific position. This would not depend or interfere with body rotation.

For example NPC looking at you without turning can add credibility to the action and giving the possibility to NPC to look around at given spots while walking or standing would add great sense of reality.
Anybody interested in collaborating to add this feature?
Anybody with experience knowing how to add/patch npc functions?
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James Atlloud   
2016-05-10 12:19   
Is there anything like this for standard avatars? My impression is that there are no commands to get at the internal animations. That said, this would be a great feature for both NPCs and avatars.
2016-05-11 17:00   
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Not sure if there is anything similar for standard avatars, but the functionality is there. When you move the mouse pointer in the scene your avatar turns the head accordingly. And this happens in the server, is not only a client rendering. I tested with 2 viewers and 2 avatars. If you point the mouse on the avatar face with one viewer, on the other viewer you actually see the avatar looking at you. It's just a matter of hooking at the right code.