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0007862opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2016-03-26 22:182016-06-21 09:36
Kayaker Magic 
linux/monoOpenSim dev OSgrid0.9.0.0
master (dev code) 
Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Mono / Linux64
0007862: Avatar unable to cross var borders in
I placed 2 3x3 vars next to each other, each running in a separate instance. In a flying avatar, I am only able to cross the border once. When trying to cross back, the avatar is stopped at the border and then becomes unable to teleport anywhere, even inside the current region, with the error “Teleport failed. Previous teleport process incomplete. Please retry shortly.” But shortly never comes. Even re-logging does not free up the avatar to teleport again. The only way I have found to free up the avatar is to log out and log back into a different region.
The console on the starting region (the one I am stuck in) looks like this at the time of the failure:
16:26:07 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: GetRegionContainingWorldLocation: call, XY=<2901110.01553345,3152369.77851009>
16:26:07 - [REMOTE GRID CONNECTOR]: GetRegionByPosition. Added region Test Bed1 to the cache. Pos=<11332,12313>, RegionHandle=12458566257481472
16:26:07 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: GetRegionContainingWorldLocation: Found region using legacy size. rloc=<2900992,3152128>. Rname=Test Bed1
16:26:08 - [REMOTE SIMULATION CONNECTOR]: QueryAccess to [^] returned True, reason , version 0.6/0.6
16:26:08 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: CrossAgentToNewRegionAsync: new region=Test Bed1 at <2900736,3151616>. newpos=<374.0155, 753.7785, 29.99386>
16:26:08 - [ENTITY TRANSFER STATE MACHINE]: SetInTransit. agent=95c7aca2-1965-4df9-af94-cdcbe7afed0a, newState=Preparing
16:26:08 - [ENTITY TRANSFER STATE MACHINE]: UpdateInTransit. agent=95c7aca2-1965-4df9-af94-cdcbe7afed0a, newState=Transferring
16:26:08 - [CrossAgentIntoNewRegionMain]: ok, time 351ms
16:26:08 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: No ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE information for region handle 12458566257481472, exiting CrossToNewRegion.
16:26:08 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: Crossing agent Kayaker Magic completed.
Region (Test Bed2) #
The console on the destination region (the one I cannot cross back into) looks like this:
16:26:08 - [CHILDAGENTDATAUPDATE]: got packed appearance
16:26:08 - [SCENE]: Incoming child agent update for 95c7aca2-1965-4df9-af94-cdcbe7afed0a in Test Bed1
Region (Test Bed1) #
Then in the starting region, any attempt to teleport looks like this:
16:30:43 - [ENTITY TRANSFER STATE MACHINE]: SetInTransit. agent=95c7aca2-1965-4df9-af94-cdcbe7afed0a, newState=Preparing
16:30:43 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: Ignoring teleport request of Kayaker Magic 95c7aca2-1965-4df9-af94-cdcbe7afed0a to <418.4638, 36.41605, 2.267287>@12458566257482240 - agent is already in transit.
Region (Test Bed2) #
I have reproduced this every time with the following procedure:
I unpack the OSGrid distribution zip file ( into two new directories (test1 and test2 the last time). I make the minimal changes to the OpenSim.ini file in both bin directories, just changing the port number (to 9001 and 9004). I created two Regions.ini files that look like this:
[Test Bed1]
RegionUUID = 93e963c2-9457-47eb-9d80-14e85ab5281a
Location = 11331,12311
SizeX = 768
SizeY = 768
SizeZ = 256
InternalAddress =
InternalPort = 9001
AllowAlternatePorts = False
ExternalHostName =
MaptileStaticUUID = 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
[Test Bed2]
RegionUUID = 94e963c2-9457-47eb-9d80-14e85ab5281a
Location = 11331,12314
SizeX = 768
SizeY = 768
SizeZ = 256
InternalAddress =
InternalPort = 9004
AllowAlternatePorts = False
ExternalHostName =
MaptileStaticUUID = 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
I then run mono OpenSim.exe in both bin directories, answering all the questions about estate (Ocean Engineering) and owner avatar (Kayaker Magic)
I log into OpenSim giving Test Bed1 as my starting location. I fly north across the border, pause for a minute, turn around and try to fly south across the border. This second crossing always fails. I try double-click teleporting to somewhere inside the current region (Test Bed2) and am unable to do so.

I will leave Test Bed1 and TestBed2 up and running on OSGrid for a few weeks. I will keep the directories on my hard drive indefinitely if anyone would like me to start them again at any time. If I do the whole thing all over again with 1x1 regions (standard 256x256m), this does not happen. The avatar is able to fly back and forth across the borders of 1x1s with no problems.
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Kayaker Magic   
2016-04-04 22:24   
Turns out I have been using a stale copy of the OSgrid distribution. I downloaded a fresh copy of, re-installed and tested this again. I am still unable to cross borders more than once in 3x3 vars. Increased the size to 4x4 vars, same problem. Re-tested with 1x1 regions, still works fine there.
Kayaker Magic   
2016-05-10 11:34   
I am told the reason that I am having trouble with avatars crossing borders when other people are not is because I am running my var regions in separate instances that are on the same physical server. It only fails in this case.
Scooby Scorfield   
2016-06-07 01:46   
I have a set of ocean var-regions, all the same size, in the same instance and I still see this problem.
Feel free to test - The regions are the Scooblantic 01-08
2016-06-07 11:07   
(edited on: 2016-06-07 12:14)
I see this same issue. Its been going on for some time with no fix. I am using MySQL and my adjoining vars are all square and of the same size and running in the same instance.

2016-06-07 12:34   
(edited on: 2016-06-07 13:11)
I cannot repro this. I am on Windows, 2 neighboring 768x768 regions running on separate processes. I can cross multiple times.

Can you provide more information? Any special attachments you're wearing? What viewer?
Also what version of mono in each sim?

2016-06-07 15:13   
I have now tested this on a linux box running under mono 2.10.8, and I still cannot reproduce the problem -- I am able to cross multiple times between two 512x512 varregions, each on a separate OpenSim process.
Kayaker Magic   
2016-06-07 20:26   
Gavin Hird says that he used to have this problem but it went away after he installed a patch for a thread naming bug. I tried "upgrading" to the version from the latest tar ball from ( - [zip] [31.8mb] 05-23-2016 built from OpenSimulator git hash : bcee4e377200d26beeb6ea4760e840b2ff4a5d24) I don't (yet) have the ability to build the binaries directly from git.
The problem still occurs for me between two 512x512 varregions. I am running OpenSim on a Linux/Mono system with Mono version 3.0.4 I am using FireStorm.
2016-06-08 08:00   
@Kayaker, can you tell me more about your setup, specifically:

- are the two regions under your control?
- are the two regions running on the same server?
- is any of the regions running on the same local network as the viewer?
Kayaker Magic   
2016-06-09 10:08   
The two regions are under my control. They are running on the same physical server, but separate instances. The server (Linux) is on the same LAN as the PC(Windows) my viewer (FireStorm) is on. They are on the OSgrid, so anyone can go there and see if the problem happens from outside my LAN. Search for "Test Bed03", TP there, fly north across the border into "Test Bed04" and see if you can cross that border more than once.
2016-06-09 11:25   
I went to your sims in osgrid and verified the problem when crossing from 03 to 04, and then tried to cross back. It looks like the problem happens before you even attempt the second cross: it happens when you cross first -- the child agent of the departing region seems to die.

However, I noticed something else that you don't report here: I then logged out, waited a couple of minutes and logged in again - this time I landed in 04. When I logged in, I could not even see your 03 region.

So there's something fundamentally wrong in either your configurations or on osgrid's. Maybe you made your region's information persistent on the grid service, and it still has the size 256?
Mandarinka Tasty   
2016-06-09 14:21   
Hello :)

I have also created two test var regions typo: 768x768 in OSGrid.

And I can't even do first crossing !

i can easily teleport myself from region A to region B and opposite direction

and also I can teleport myself from both regions to some, other, not adjacent region.

And also I can teleport to both var regions from external region.

Only crossing borders do not work at all. Simply saying:

when i stay in region A and want to walk to region B, region B does not allow me

to enter.
2016-06-09 20:14   
FYI, the root cause of this problem is that OSGrid is still running the central services on release 0.8.2. Some things have changed that make 0.9 sims not work well with 0.8.2 central services.

So the good news is that these problems will go away when OSGrid upgrades their central services.

We are going to do some more testing to see if there are additional problems related to the reverse combination, i.e. 0.9 central services with 0.8.2 sims. This is an important combination for OSGrid that needs to be supported.
Mandarinka Tasty   
2016-06-10 03:02   
I see. That sounds like reasonable and acceptable explanation.

So also, between the lines, you want to say, that patching some issues, that

appears in 0.9.0 simulators located in OSGrid, where Robust = central services

still is running 0.8.2 version is not necessary.

Because those issues can disappear after switching OSGrid's Robust to 0.9.0.

Yes now I agree with it :)

In other words: all tests that are being established in 0.9.0 simulators should be proccessed only in environments,

where central services ( Robust ) also use 0.9.0 opensim version.

In this way, it has sense.

Earlier I have taken obvious assumption,that OSGrid's robust is also 0.9.0

Thank You for this useful info.
2016-06-14 09:06   
OSgrid Robust is now finally upgraded to 0.9 robust, please test again and let us know, if things are working again please close this bug report, thanks for letting us know!
Scooby Scorfield   
2016-06-14 11:53   
Awesome, looks good to me - 15 crossings without issue!
2016-06-21 09:36   
Is this fixed?