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0007772: Possible missing UUIDs in AssetXferUploader Commits
FAO UbitUmarov.. I see you making commits related to the default texture UUIDs built into OpenSim...

I think you have three of the four or five built in txtures I see as regular UUID defaults.. but not the Default Media Texture or the Plywood Texture. I.e.

Blank Texture (Ubit included this)

Default Iris (Ubit included this)

Default Transparent Texture (Ubit included this)

But this one does not seem to be included.. but is in the standard OpenSim library...

Default Media Texture

Also, I cannot see that you have handled the Default Plywood Texture.. and it does not seem to be in the standard OpenSim Library either... its UUID is

Plywood Texture (not in OpenSim Library either)

Also, a comment in the commit needs changing a little even after the typo edit.
possible -> possibly. Therefore it would read

// opensim assets skin textures possibly obsolete now

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those defaults are relative to body part and clothing textures.
Blank is the first there, I called it white...
And this defaults are just to avoid asking assets server about this.
2015-11-30 13:05   
As a note to viewers developers who do asset export such as in XML or mesh formats... most seem to not allow export of objects that are textured with the built in defaults and assume those are third party non-owner/exporter assets which is bad as many may contain the blank texture for example. I know that we ought to report this on viewer JIRAs, but I am not necessarily active in each community. So I am just adding this note here in case its picked up where appropriate. Others may wish to raise it on the JIRA/Mantis for their own favourite viewer if it supports export.
2015-11-30 13:08   
(edited on: 2015-11-30 13:09)
Ah, I see. Thanks. Note the minor change to the comment. I wish there was a way to make notes on the commits rather than opening a Mantis for these simple comments/questions. The dev-mailing list seemed an excessive heavy route to use too.

2015-11-30 13:40   
Query answered satisfactorily..