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Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
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Firestorm, Singularity
0007722: [RADMIN] terrain save generate gray image
admin_console_command terrain save generate gray image in all formats
It's the same if i write the command manually on the console

similar problem here : [^]
terrain save test.bmp
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? terrain save.bmp (262,198) 2015-09-07 21:27
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2015-09-20 04:58   
This seems to work a little better with Version (Dev) 43c8e23 of OpenSim but there are still strange things.

In .gif format, the image is pixelated which is amazing considering there are 256 colors in gif format. We should get a picture with an acceptable smooth gradation and not with visible pixels.

In .jpg and .jpeg format, now i get a colorful picture instead of a greyscale image of traditional heightmap.

Another thing, if i compare the gray color of my image and my image gif to bmp, I note that this is not the same gray ... which will result in a field that is not the same height.
2015-09-20 05:08   
Another example of the problem: If I create a field image at bmp, png and then I change the image in photoshop to get a picture in gif format, in this case my image gif is pretty and without pixelation, but if I create a gif image directly into opensim, my image is not clean ... it's pixelated. Yet my program says my image contains only 50 colors (shades of gray).
2020-09-30 09:07   
Fixed, thank's