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0007669opensim[REGION] Script Functionspublic2015-08-04 14:442020-05-02 20:05
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0007669: [PATCH] llGodLikeRezObject not implemented
Function not implemented?
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patch llGodLikeRezObject - Chris Weymann.patch (2,811) 2015-08-06 10:08
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Chris Weymann   
2015-08-06 10:08   
Hi zontreck,

i like your idea and hope it will be integrated. But your implementation is not the best. Its have some littel mistakes who are make it not acceptable to transfer this into opensim.

Becouse of this i have allow me to correct this. I recommend you to look at it and try to understand what is other and why.
2015-08-06 10:29   
Just read the patch. I like your implementation. I wasn't too sure how to get asset data in the first place other than to open a connection to the asset server. Now I know :)
2015-08-06 11:03   
FYI, I looked at the functions list on the LSL Wiki and it has this function listed with a line through it. That usually indicates a deprecated function. Do we want to add support for deprecated functions? Would this be better as an OSSL function?

Regarding the patch, I'm wondering why the function was moved within the file instead of replacing the body of the existing function.
Chris Weymann   
2015-08-06 11:25   
(edited on: 2015-08-06 11:48)
Jup, i have see the line too. But then you look at this part of the list [^]
You can see that the entry for llGodLikeRezObject dont have the marker for "deprecated".

The position is not moved from me. i have first apply the patch from zontreck and have work with it.

2015-08-06 11:52   
@kcozens I'm pretty sure the function was moved in the file because LSL_API.cs has a #Region where unimplemented functions are placed and since this one is being implemented, it no longer belongs in '#region Not Implemented'

@Chris in your patch, you could probably get away with:

if (m_ScriptEngine.Config.GetBoolean("AllowGodFunctions", false))

instead of

if (m_ScriptEngine.ConfigSource.Configs["LL-Functions"].GetBoolean("AllowGodFunctions", false))
Mata Hari   
2015-08-06 13:02   
Correct me if I'm wrong but would this not essentially by-pass all permissions safety checks?

If I know the UUID of something worn by Person X could I not then go to my own sim, use this function to rez a copy of it, then force perms (and ownership if required) to have my own copy?

My understanding was that anything involving having the god bit set in LSL is intended as a Linden function, not one for the general masses.

If that's the case it should at very least be an OSSL function with a VeryHigh threat level (if not Severe). I can envision many potential abuses of it.
2015-08-06 17:36   
It's not OSSL if it's a official LSL function. Yea, might not be intended for the masses, on second life, but it is an incomplete function in OS at this time.
Chris Weymann   
2015-08-07 07:27   
@Mata Hari
No, this is not correct.
You need the assetID and not the Object UUID.
Its dont work with an inworld Object UUID.
2015-08-11 14:35   
@Chris, I suspect that the wiki page only put a single symbol beside the functions so it only has the G for a god function and not a D beside it.

If someone can point to something that clearly states the meaning of the crossed out function names please do so.
2018-07-17 05:49   
@kcozens The cross out function names on the Wiki mean they are still active in the code but not longer being used as such.

llGodLikeRezObject is overruled by another function that only works by logging in with a special viewer.
2020-05-02 20:05   
Can you guys decide on whether to implement this since it IS still in the linden wiki listed as a god function? There are two patches on this ticket and i am sure that better implementations can now be done as well.