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0007426opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2015-01-24 11:152015-05-26 11:02
Quad core dual Xeon processorsWindows 64 bitServer 2012
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master (dev code) 
Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
.NET / Windows64
Singularity & FS
0007426: Buy or Open as the touch event for an object doesn't work with alpha viewers & has very odd permissions behavior when you touch.
Setting the touch event on an object to Buy or Open is not working on any sim I am hosting when using the latest Singularity or FS alpha viewers. It does work properly when using an older viewer. This is always repeatable. See details on how to reproduce below.
1. go to a sim where you can rez and request admin mode using latest Singularity alpha.
2. Rez a box and put something in the contents that you made or is full perm.
3. Edit the box and change it for Sale for 0
4. Set the box touch event to either Buy or Open. Neither is working on left click so it doesn't matter which you use.
5. Now close the edit box and left click the box. Nothing happens.
6. Now edit the box and you will see that all the permission related fields are grayed out (copy, move, etc) and there is usually no owner, previous owner, or creator name showing in the edit window. They are all usually blank at this point.
7. Close edit and request Admin Status.
8. Select the box and use admin status to set the Owner to you or select for it to be full permission.
9. Immediately after you do this, the Buy or Open (whichever you set it to last) dialog box will pop up without even touching the box.
10. Edit the box again and the permission fields and owner, previous owner, and creator are normal again.
10. Close edit and left click the box again and nothing happens and the same thing repeats all over again.
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? Buy and Open Box Issue.mp4 (943,312) 2015-01-29 16:29
patch FixClickToBuyNotBeingDisplayed.patch (1,478) 2015-04-24 21:46
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2015-01-24 11:41   
Another odd behavior... after you left click on the box and nothing happens, you can left click on the ground to take the focus off the box, and then right click the box, and suddenly the Buy or Open dialog boxes will pop up.

It appears that right clicking an object and selecting Buy from the Pie menu works as expected, but the left click on an object set to Buy or Open is not working.
2015-01-28 09:58   
(edited on: 2015-01-28 10:08)
I am observing scripts in TP objects stopping as reported elsewhere.. and after that if I try to shutdown the sim with the affected region in it.. it reports its deregistering and the locks up, I have to kill the process.

Note the TP object involved is just a simple touch.. not set to "buy or "open".

I should add that the script and TP object presents its dialogue and interacts fine when we first restart the sims.. it seems to lock up some time later - usually next morning when I check.

2015-01-28 12:59   
aiaustin, if you create a box with something full perm in it as described in the mantis and set it to Buy, do you see the same behavior as reported in this mantis?
2015-01-28 13:23   
(edited on: 2015-01-28 13:26)
Will try.. I never use "admin mode" as all regions I am reporting on are owned by my avatar. Is this needed to get the behaviour you report? Actually I am not sure even where to find that... is it obvious when I look?

What release do we need to go back to to have things working again? Then we can maybe between us narrow it down without waiting 24 hours between experiments.

Is it somewhere between r/25710 and r/25739?

I have had problems since r/25684 due to (unrelated I assume) display name bugs, and was focussed on that, but have occassionally noticed the issues you raised here and the scripts halting and TP stuck sim issues needing process termination since around that time too. But I have been rebooting the sims and clearing sim and viewer caches so many times its tricky to separate out the issues.

2015-01-28 13:51   
(edited on: 2015-01-28 13:53)
My sim is NOT in a stuck state... this may matter. the problematic objects like my TP object are wroking... but I do the test you asked... and I see admin mode - that enters god mode level 100

1. go to a sim where you can rez and request admin mode.
 2. Rez a box and put something in the contents that you made or is full perm.
 3. Edit the box and change it for Sale for 0
 4. Set the box touch event to either Buy or Open. Neither is working on left click so it doesn't matter which you use.
 5. Now close the edit box and left click the box. Nothing happens.

I set it to buy, and hen I click on box it shows it for sale for L$0

6. Now edit the box and you will see that all the permission related fields are grayed out (copy, move, etc) and there is usually no owner, previous owner, or creator name showing in the edit window. They are all usually blank at this point.

No, all permission boxes are there and operate for ticking, and as usual my avatar is creator, owner and last owner.

7. Close edit and request Admin Status.
 8. Select the box and use admin status to set the Owner to you or select for it to be full permission.
 9. Immediately after you do this, the Buy or Open (whichever you set it to last) dialog box will pop up without even touching the box.

No, all works as normal.

2015-01-28 13:57   
aiaustin, are you on Windows or Linux?
2015-01-28 14:31   
All Windows for servers, and Windows for Firestorm viewer too.

Most of my grids and add-on region servers (4 machines at the moment) are on Windows 8.1 (3) and one on Windows 7.
2015-01-28 14:42   
Admin mode, aka God mode, allows to overwrite all permissions. Setting the event doesn't send valid permissions to the server and because you're in god mode, everything is overwritten. Simply don't use godmode when working with objects, use god mode only for accessing god features in the viewer.
2015-01-28 14:54   
Melanie, does this mean that the left click for buy or open would be normal to NOT work for the following types of users if the following settings are used, even if they don't request God mode while on this sim?

   allow_grid_gods = true
   region_owner_is_god = true
   region_manager_is_god = true
   parcel_owner_is_god = true
2015-01-28 15:11   
No. It is specifically using God Mode (e.g. green menu bar) that triggers that.
2015-01-28 15:39   

I just did the following test:
1. Logged into a sim and did NOT request god mode.
2. Created a box, set it for sale for $0, set to give a copy of the item, and set the touch event to Buy.
3. Left clicked the box and nothing happened.
4. I then drug a texture into the contents of the box and the Buy dialog immediately pops up even though I didn't even click the box.
5. I closed the edit menu and left clicked the box and nothing happens.

This is repeatable 100% of the time not matter if I request God mode or not. If it makes a difference, this AV is the grid owner. I know this used to work for this AV, but now it doesn't. Is this the expected behavior?
2015-01-28 16:56   

I have tried to reproduce this with the latest dev code on win7 and firestorm but was unable to do so. Each time i get the correct dialogue displayed. I even tried setting [Economy] SellEnabled = false but in that case i still get a popup saying "Buying is not enabled in this version".

I'm not sure what other variables or config settings could be causing this problem but if you have any suggestions i will try them.
2015-01-28 17:32   
It sounds like a config issue to me. I know it worked in the past and have not changed anything on this grid since before OSG went down.

If anyone has any suggestions I will be happy to try them. Here are the settings in my [Economy] section:

    ;; Enables selling things for $0. Default is true.
    SellEnabled = true

    ;# {PriceUpload} {} {Price for uploading?} {} 0
    ;; Money Unit fee to upload textures, animations etc. Default is 0.
    PriceUpload = 0

    ;# {PriceGroupCreate} {} {Fee for group creation} {} 0
    ;; Money Unit fee to create groups. Default is 0.
    PriceGroupCreate = 0
2015-01-29 16:33   
A video has been attached showing my AV left clicking on the buy box several times with nothing happening, and then a right click shows that Buy option is not even in the right click menu. Then the last right click, Edit is selected from the pie menu and there is no owner, creator, or previous owner info showing, and all permissions fields are grayed out and inaccessible. My AV is the creator and owner of this box. If I then request God mode, the Buy dialog box immediately pops up after God mode is granted even without clicking on the box... but I did not include that event in the video.
2015-01-29 17:00   
The click to buy not working is most likely a side effect of the viewer not being able to display the prim data in the edit window.

Does the edit window populate correctly for other items that are not set for sale? If the viewer is showing no information for the selected prim then i do not think the problem is with buying and selling.
2015-01-29 17:37   
AliciaRaven, the prim data shows in the edit window as long as I don't click on the Buy button. If I go directly to Edit the item everything looks normal, but clicking the Buy button seems to mess something up.
2015-01-30 10:13   
(edited on: 2015-01-30 10:22)
I always use the latest 64 bit alpha for Dev Master and Viewers unless there is a good reason not to, but I installed older 32 bit versions of Singularity and FS just to see if this changes anything. Now it actually works on the older 32 bit Singularity and FS every time.

Does this indicate there is some type of common library that both viewers have been using and that has recently changed, or maybe a difference in the 32 and 64 bit libraries?

2015-01-30 10:31   
Ok now i understand this better. I tried using Singularity Alpha and for a box i had already created with the release version, left clicking worked. When i created a box using the alpha viewer, the problems you are having show up for me as well.

I also notice that my name tag in the alpha singularity is "Alicia Raven ()" notice the brackets on the end. This is not true of the release singularity so I'm assuming that this problem is related to recent changes by diva relating to display names or changes to the viewers and how they handle them.
2015-01-30 15:15   
(edited on: 2015-01-30 15:18)
Alicia Raven, I am glad someone else has been able to reproduce this same problem. Thank you!

The big question: Is this issue coming from something wrong with the latest viewers or from something in Opensim that needs to be updated to work with the latest Viewers.

2015-01-30 15:23   
What happens if you disable display names? (set [ClientStack.LindenCaps] Cap_GetDisplayNames = "" in OpenSim.ini)
2015-01-30 15:34   
I hadn't made any changes to my OpenSim.ini, now i have added the null for that setting my avatars name floater has lost the (). The click issue seems better but not gone completely. I click the box and it opens the buy dialog, but if i click again it doesn't. Then if i right click to select the box, the buy dialog pops up. Since disabling display names the edit window populates with the relevant user names where as before it did not.

Seems strange that this issue does not show on current release viewers but does on both alpha versions of firestorm and singularity. (Only confirmed with alpha singularity myself)
2015-01-30 16:45   
On Singularity 1.8.6 and Firestorm 4.6.1 64-bit versions on Linux I can't reproduce the issue. I click the prim and get the buy dialog every time (I am not fooling around with admin stuff since I expect that is orthogonal to this issue).

If by alpha versions you're talking pre-release compiled binaries then maybe this is something to ask the viewer devs about. I assume you've also tried those same viewers on the LL grid and things work fine there?
2015-01-30 16:55   
Justincc, I don't ever go to the LL grid but I can try them there and will let you know. I am wondering if whatever is causing this is related to the map search issue I am seeing [^] but I have seen this happen on the older viewers too.

Will let you know what happens on the LL grid
2015-01-30 16:59   
justincc, Yes it works fine on the LL grid as expected every time. Tested with the latest Singularity 64 bit alpha.
2015-02-27 22:13   
Not sure if this was fixed in the latest alpha viewers or in opensim, but this is now working properly so marking as resolved.
2015-03-02 08:58   
This issue has returned. It does not work right on the latest alpha 32 or 64 bit viewers in windows, but does work on the last viewer official releases (non alpha) I cannot speak to the behavior with Linux viewers.
2015-03-05 17:29   
This started working again today after the 40+ code updates were checked in today. Have no idea when one affected this issue.
2015-04-21 16:02   
Although inconsistent, this bug still seems to be present across multiple viewers.
2015-04-21 16:17   
I've reduced the introduction of this bug down to a single change in the viewer.
The change in the viewer is sound in that it should work normally, if the sim responds properly, the change is that we call LLSelectMgr::setHoverObject now when mousing over objects.

This change means that requestObjectPropertiesFamily happens more often than it used to.
There is something broken in the way the sim handles these requests, and that causes a bit of a race, which makes the buy/open option flicker on and off..
2015-04-21 17:21   
I am still seeing this again now too. Since it was coming and going, I almost convinced myself it was just me. I wonder if this could also be related to the map list sometimes flashing up all the matches, then clearing them and listing only the first match. This one rarely happens anymore, but I still see it sometimes.
2015-04-21 17:57   
Map list? No, this has nothing to do with the map.
2015-04-24 21:47   
Attached patch to fix this issue.

Thanks to Liru for finding the viewer commit that caused this problem. It seems that LL made a viewer change that requires the full object properties to be sent when the viewer requests object family properties for displaying the hover tooltip. [^]
2015-04-24 22:26   
Applied, Thanks for the patch!
Mata Hari   
2015-04-27 05:45   
I seem to be having an issue now (e855c8e r/25938) with an in-region touch teleporter. If I'm standing near the object when I touch it (it's a small linkset) it will move when I teleport.

This was not happening under 8d6628481 (r/25920) and since this involves a touch event the commit for this patch seems to be the likely culprit.

The script in it is as basic as scripts get...

vector targetLoc=<109.0, 117.0, 207.0>;
    touch_start(integer num)

Mata Hari   
2015-04-27 11:52   
(edited on: 2015-04-27 11:53)
This is also happening when I touch a door that is part of a linkset for a house and has a script in it to open/close the door on touch. If I'm close to the door when I touch it the movement of the door seems to be interpreted as a touch-drag and is moving the entire structure!

EDIT: please revert this until a solution is found.

I am reverting all of my regions back to a version that won't break my builds.

2015-04-27 12:24   
Can you confirm that this no longer happens when you revert. Also, can we get a 2nd confirmation of this issue?
Mata Hari   
2015-04-27 13:42   
Reverting to OpenSim (opensim-67d4e44 r/25932 2015-04-15) Dev (Win/.NET) eliminated the issue.
Mata Hari   
2015-04-27 14:00   
Seth confirmed it by coming to Hedonism (which is being hosted on the main RG server under mono) and watching it happen. We then reverted the region to 8d66284841 (that was the last saved revert point we had for it) and it stopped moving the objects there as well.

In both cases it was me doing the touching using Firestorm 4.6.9 (42974) so I suppose if you're unable to duplicate the issue it could be viewer-specific to that patch.
2015-04-27 14:05   
Reverted for further testing and fixes.
Mata Hari   
2015-04-27 14:17   
I know Justin detests "guesses" but here's what I suspect is happening...

When I touch the object with my viewer zoomed in quite close to the touch target, the touch event begins to happen which involves either my touch target beginning to move (in the case of the door) or me to move (in the case of the in-region teleport) before I manage to release the mouse button. In both cases the viewer is "seeing" this as the mouse pointer moving relative to the object which is then interpreted as trying to drag-move the object. Since I'm the creator and the object isn't locked in place, it grab-moves it.

Being an older unit with early arthritis issues in my hands, I suppose my ability to release the mouse button fast enough *not* to trigger this effect is compromised but surely this isn't the intended behaviour. Grab-drag should be triggered by mouse movement not by view movement although I have no idea whether it's possible to distinguish between the two.
2015-04-27 15:26   
Mata Hari: If the linkset has a script, then grab is blocked. I have tried to reproduce this but cant get it to happen for me. Could you visit and see if you can still reproduce it there?

2015-04-27 17:20   
The issue being discussed here now doesn't seem to have anything to do with the original mantis. I think the drag issue being discussed now was submitted in a different mantis.
2015-04-27 18:42   
kenvc: Mata is saying the patch for this issue is causing the problems with her scripted prims so it is relevant to this mantis.

Mata Hari: are you sure it's this patch causing your problem and not the one listed in [^] which was also applied recently. It would make more sense if it was.
2015-04-28 02:47   
"I seem to be having an issue now (e855c8e r/25938) with an in-region touch teleporter."
from what i see the "click to buy" commit was after e855c8e so I dont see how this commit has any effect.
Mata Hari   
2015-04-28 05:16   
Am I sure that it's this one? No. I'm not a coder, I'm not a develeper, and I don't have the skills you all do.

Here is what I can say for sure:

Issue does not happen under 67d4e44
Issue doe happen under e855c8e

The rest is up to those of you with the skills to evaluate what part of the code got broken and by who.
2015-04-28 05:42   
Mata Hari - Ok, 67d4e44 is before the grab feature patches and I cannot find e855c8e (this is why I like git hash opposed to the pseudo svn tags)

Right now, HEAD is d80230adcdd26a7f512355df256cc5c9c5e3d0e6, If you are updated, you will have the grab feature patches, but not the buy/open touch event patches.
Can you please see if you experience this after updating to the latest? Thanks.
Mata Hari   
2015-04-28 07:07   
Not being a developer I don't know what number you want. 855c8e is r/25938 [^]
Mata Hari   
2015-04-28 07:16   
(edited on: 2015-04-28 07:17)
I've now built and tested with r/25940 [^]

It is still exhibiting this behaviour with that build so the revert of the touch to buy didn't resolve the issue.

I'll revert once more to r/25932 which doesn't have the problem. [^]

2015-04-28 07:35   
Ok, thanks. The "enable grab feature" is in that range of commits between what works for you and where the issue is, but it has been in the repo for a while now: Committer: Michael Cerquoni <> 2015-04-20 15:38:37 , and we have had no other reports of this behavior during this time.

Since this is unrelated to the particular work covered in this report, it would be good to 1) setup a standalone or small grid to prevent damage to your main grid contents for testing this issue and 2) Open a new report if you can reproduce the behavior on the test area. Thanks
Mata Hari   
2015-04-28 10:07   
Okay. Renable this one then and close it.

I am able to reproduce it constantly on my own sim using r/25937 and cannot reproduce it using 25936 but let's wait for everyone else to upgrade to a recent commit and report it since apparently my reports aren't valid.
2015-05-26 11:02   
As far as I can tell, the "Touch to Buy" is now working again. If there is some other lingering issue not directly related to this issue as originally reported, please file another mantis.