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0007425opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2015-01-22 13:562015-03-26 18:42
Dual Xeon quad core 32 bg ramWindows 64 bitServer 2012
master (dev code) 
master (dev code) 
Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
.NET / Windows64
Singularity and Firestorm
0007425: Map search sometimes only returns one match even though there may be many matches.
Map search often returns only the first match in the list even though there may be many matches. It used to return all the matches in the list, but now you never see more than one. The environment is a Robust grid with a mixture of normal and var region sims.

This is happening now in Singularity and Firestorm so the issue appears to be coming from Opensim. This has been happening at least a week or longer, but cannot specify exactly when it started.
1. Open the map
2. Enter the first few letters of sim names where you know there are a number of sims that start with those same letters. In my case I enter "Moses" because I have several test sims named "Moses #####".
3. The map result list only shows 1 match and the other sims are no longer listed.
The viewer is running on the same LAN and subnet as the Robust and the simulators. Have not had a chance to try this and see if it happens when the viewer is on a completely different subnet.
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2015-03-08 21:15kenvcSummaryMap search is sometimes only returns one match even though there may be many matches. => Map search sometimes only returns one match even though there may be many matches.
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2015-01-22 14:23   
I'm running 97ac80d - r25717 from the 16th, and it's working for me. I have 12 regions that start with the word "The", and when I search for "the", all 12 are returned. I tested in Firestorm (not the current version - one back).

I'll update my grid tonight and see if it still works or not.
2015-01-22 16:01   
I'm now running HEAD (edc155c - r25737) and I still get all 12 regions returned when I search for "the". I cannot reproduce your problem.
2015-01-22 16:07   
I'm not sure could be causing this then. smxy, are you also in a windows environment with Robust?
2015-01-22 16:12   
Ah, now there's a difference - my grid runs on Linux (CentOS 6.6, to be specific). My viewer runs on MacOS.
2015-01-22 16:32   
Here is some additional info. I went to a non-var sim and waited until everything was rezed, then did a map search for "moses" and all 3 sims showed up in the list! I then exited the map, went back in the map, cleared the search box and entered "moses" again. This time I watched very closely and saw all three sims flash in the list for a split second, then they went away and only the first match remained. I TP'd to a different sim and same problem. I relogged and same problem. Relogged again and it worked the first time, but not again during that login session after that.

Something appears to be almost immediately clearing the listbox after it populates and leaving only a single sim in the list... but it actually worked properly a couple of times. It is actually smelling like some kind of timing issue.
2015-01-27 13:30   
Attached is a new video showing this odd map search behavior. Watch closely and you will momentarily see all the matches flash in the list and then the list clears and only the first match is put in the list.

It acts as if it is receiving the correct list first, then another list that only contains the first match and this wipes out the first list.
2015-02-01 17:17   
I tried the previous Singularity and Firestorm releases and they now have this same behavior. It never did this with these releases before, so it has to be coming from some change in Opensim
2015-03-09 02:24   
I tried on Windows as well.. and it woks fine for me (Servers and Viewer on Windows 8.1, Firestorm 4.6.9 OS 64 bit). See attached image of search for "Vue" on a grid with 4 regions whose names start with "Vue..."

2015-03-26 18:42   
I have not seen this issue in the last several weeks, so I assume something changed that has resolved the problem.