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Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
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0007411: [USER MANAGEMENT MODULE]: Unable to parse home URL
I am seeing this warning message when starting a grid where some content will have Nebadon.Izumi as the creator. I cannot find a record in the griduser or useraccounts tables in the data base for Nebadon.Izumi.. but it does appear as the creator of some items such as his campfire on my grid.

Where can I look to see how to fix this or is it a dev core issue that needs attention?

[USER MANAGEMENT MODULE]: Unable to parse home URL /7b2022f0-5f19-488c-b7e5-829d8f96b448/ for user name Nebadon.Izumi, ID 7b2022f0-5f19-488c-b7e5-829d8f96b448 from original creator data /7b2022f0-5f19-488c-b7e5-829d8f96b448/;Nebadon Izumi when adding user info.
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2015-01-15 17:00   
This is because the URL component of the HG identifier has been set to /7b2022f0-5f19-488c-b7e5-829d8f96b448/ which is not an URL.

This is not a dev issue but due to bad creator data information in some object. Unfortunately, it's difficult to identify which object at the moment.

What does "show name 7b2022f0-5f19-488c-b7e5-829d8f96b448" say on the console? If this has a correct HomeURL then some other object has supplied a valid URL.
2015-06-19 02:08   
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I found the source of the messages of form

[SCENE]: Unable to parse Uri /7b2022f0-5f19-488c-b7e5-829d8f96b448/ for CreatorID /7b2022f0-5f19-488c-b7e5-829d8f96b448/;Nebadon Izumi

in the various regions on various grids I am involved with... they are all for me coming from "Nebs Sculpted CampFire v1.0".

The CreatorID in the "prims" and "assets" tables related to this object and any copies of it on regions were in an illegal form that must have crept in at some stage during development. It does not contain a (required it seems) [^] before the /7b2022f0-5f19-488c-b7e5-829d8f96b448/ as all the other CreatorIDs I can see have in place.

Faulty (unable to parse) one...

7b2022f0-5f19-488c-b7e5-829d8f96b448;/7b2022f0-5f19-488c-b7e5-829d8f96b448/;Nebadon Izumi

Legitimate ones for the same CreatorID in the date base are...

7b2022f0-5f19-488c-b7e5-829d8f96b448;;Nebadon [^] Izumi

7b2022f0-5f19-488c-b7e5-829d8f96b448;;Nebadon [^] Izumi

To test this on Openvue grid I changed the CreatorID manually in the SQL Editor for the MySQL data base to add the [^] part into the faulty version, and that clears the issue.

My attempt to save the revised version on our own grid via an IAR and load that back to OSGrid though did not fix the issue on OSGrid regions, I assume because the asset UUIDs would already be in the data base and therefore are left unchanged after the load IAR and replacement of the old faulty versions on OSGrid regions.

I assume a suitable written SQL command could make this change if you know someone in the OSGrid team was willing to run such a query?

Or is there a way for force load IAR to make copies of assets and force new UUIDs to be used?

2019-09-05 11:44   
(edited on: 2019-09-06 03:21)
I wonder if we can revisit this... the various copies of Neb's Campfire on OSGrid have this issue in the OSGrid database. I mentioned it to Dan Banner on OSGrid too.

It would be nice if a fix (SQL command maybe?) could be run to fix the problem? [^] needs to be added for any asset CreatorID of form

/7b2022f0-5f19-488c-b7e5-829d8f96b448/;Nebadon Izumi
CreatorID /7b2022f0-5f19-488c-b7e5-829d8f96b448/;Nebadon Izumi

2019-10-22 01:27   
SQL would work, but I doubt it would help osg given their database size it would take quite a while to complete. Ideally the routine would sit in the delivery method though, so the data is simply added before being sent to clientside.