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0007304: llTargetOmega not implemented for Physical object
According to LSL specs, llTargetOmega() should work for physical objects as well, actually physically rotating the object instead of simulating a rotation on client side.
In Opensim llTargetOmega apparently has no effect on Physical Objects.

(for opensim it would be an alternative to llAppryRotationalImpulse() or llSetAngularVelocity() since these functions are not yet implemented)
call llTargetOmega() from an object with Physics enabled.
Any plan re the implementation of missing physical lsl functions, especially related to rotation? llAppryRotationalImpulse() or llSetAngularVelocity() and so on...
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Question for developers: is the implementation of this kind of physical functions (including phisical version of llSetKeyframedMotion etc) considered low priority? I mean, will they be implemented in a reasonable time or better sticking to SL or something else for projects where Physics is heavily involved?
Robert Adams   
2014-08-22 07:07   
this particular feature is not high on my list and, since this is an all volunteer project, there is no large scale project plan that is driving feature completion. Some of the less used physical functions (like the ones you mention) will happen after region crossing vehicles, for instance. Of course, the sources are available. Physical llTargetOmega should be a new motion actor in BulletSim (checkout the existing BSActorHover or BSActorSetForce) and llSetAngularVelocity could be just making the right calls as the physics engines already have the basic functionality.
2014-08-29 17:14   
About PRIM_OMEGA, i also found this problem : [^]