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0007290opensim[GRID] Hypergridpublic2014-08-02 16:232015-02-28 12:10
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Grid (1 Region per Sim)
ODE, BulletSim
Mono / Linux64
0007290: creating Local hyperlinks still happen occasionally breaking local teleports
If i try to use a hyperlink uri for a local region in OSgrid the console tells me:[HYPERGRID LINKER]: Cannot hyperlink to regions on the same grid
which is what i would expect. However, occasionally teleports stop working and 'show hyperlinks' in the console reveals a local hyperlink.
I'm not yet sure how this is happening but it is. I have tried many variations via the map (http://hostname:port, [^] hostname:port, hostname:port:region, etc)

 This mantis is a placeholder for more information as its discovered (hopefully)
from Bade Plaza console on OSgrid (this shouldn't be possible!)

Region (Bade Plaza) # show hyperlinks
Region Name
Location Region UUID
------------------------------------------------------------------------ [^]
8156416,0 (31861,0) 9101b44d-922c-4cc6-94b5-xxxxxxxxxxxx
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2014-08-02 16:25   
I found a log message from the region showing 2014-08-01 22:50:30,442 INFO - OpenSim.Services.GridService.HypergridLinker [HYPERGRID LINKER]: Successfully linked to region [^] with image 7e70f52f-0f60-4023-97e7-299f5259dc15
2014-08-12 16:37   
had another occurance of a malformed hyperlink that prevented teleports
Region (Sandbox Plaza) # sho hyp
Region Name
Location Region UUID
------------------------------------------------------------------------ [^]

It would seem that syntax and error checking in establishing links needs needs vast improvements to prevent this from occurring because this breaks teleports until the region is restarted or the hyperlink manually removed.