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0007234: Incorrect Permissions Error
When making an object (mod/copy/no trans) then placing a (copy only) script it makes the object itself to the next owner (no mod/copy/no trans).

[What Should Happen]
According to SecondLife, the correct permissions should be the object should remain (mod) but not the script the script should be (no mod).
1. Create a object, and set next owner perms as follows: (copy/mod/no trans)
2. Place a script inside the object, and make the script perms as follows: (copy/no mod/no trans)
3. Take the object into your inventory
4. Hand the object to an alt/another avatar, then have them attempt to modify the size of the object, it fails.
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Work Around:
1. After step 3 in the steps to reproduce, right click properties and re-check the modify box