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0007202: Loading OAR Fails to restore parcel data
I was changing a block of 9 regions into a var region the other day and couldn't get the parcel data to be restored. Because i was loading 9 oar files into one region i had to use merge which does not restore parcels unless forced. The command i was using is...

load oar --merge --force-terrain --force-parcels --displacement "<256,256,0>" filename.oar

None of the parcel data was restored even tho i used the switch intended to force this during merge. The console showed an error for each parcel it tried to restore...

ERROR [LAND MANAGEMENT MODULE]: Cannot add parcel "Town Hall", local ID 2 at tile 0,40 because this is still occupied by parcel "Your Parcel", local ID 1 in Test Region

Not sure if I have missed something here but if it is a bug then its not a priority for me because we just created the parcels again by hand after loading.
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2014-06-05 07:01   
I confirm this on 0.8rc2 (bin and source) Linux and Windows 64
Var region 1024x 1024
2014-06-06 16:19   
I can confirm as well under mono 3.2.4 this happens with Var Region size 512x512
Sylvia Sonoda   
2014-06-10 01:34   
I cannot address yet what is happening exactly but I have to manually change the "Your Parcel" name and flags in the database at every new region setup. At creation the region cannot be accessed before I manually change the flags. Loading oars has become a pain. Almost all my oars have more then one parcel. As I was told the parcel bug became active in 2012 I tried loading even older oars in case the bug was in the oar. No luck with that. Some kind of parcel problem occurs no matter what. I use version: OSgrid 0.8.0 (Dev) 9bae636: 2014-05-23
git hash : 9bae636ff0dc426e913e26c45b6936f16131f6d5 on windows 7 ultimate
Jak Daniels   
2015-01-10 05:04   
The --displacement parameter does not seem to work with parcel data. The parcel data is trying to be restored to it's origin location from the OAR, in the case of a 256x256m region oar, that will be between <0,0,0> and <256,256,0>. Was "Your Parcel" in this area?