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0007009opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2014-02-14 07:572014-07-29 13:42
Garmin Kawaguichi 
Robert Adams 
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master (dev code) 
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.NET / Windows32
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0007009: [VarRegion] load oar --displacement: legacy trees and grass are misplaced
In a VarRegion,
when using the console command load oar and the parameter --displacement, the objects are placed with the new offset except primitive trees and grass that are placed in the region {0-128, 0-128}. Their respective locations are complied with, but the offset was not added.
- Create a VarRegion 1280 x 1280 (5 x 5)
- Download the attached oar file which contains 676 objects including 336 primitive trees.
- On the console: load oar --displacement "<512, 512, 0>" ***path***\201414021331.oar
- If the problem is reproducible on your computer, you should find the 336 trees in the SW corner.
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? 201414021331.oar (236,491) 2014-02-14 07:57
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Garmin Kawaguichi   
2014-02-14 09:03   
After further tests, the issue is extented to the following console commands:
- rotate scene
- translate scene
- scale scene

and it concerns VarRegion and legacy regions.
Garmin Kawaguichi   
2014-02-14 10:27   
Oh man!!!! Trees have attachment point different from 0 ???

StdRegion (Sdb1) # translate scene 0 0 10
Object: Name:Cylinder AttachPoint:0
         ==>> PosAbs:<133.1279, 124.2376, 37.58902> PosAbsRoot:<133.1279, 124.23
76, 37.58902>
Object: Name:Tree2 AttachPoint:13
Object: Name:Cone AttachPoint:0
         ==>> PosAbs:<120.1557, 135.2008, 37.57781> PosAbsRoot:<120.1557, 135.20
08, 37.57781>
Object: Name:Tree3 AttachPoint:14
Object: Name:Tree1 AttachPoint:9
Object: Name:Sphere AttachPoint:0
         ==>> PosAbs:<135.1204, 134.0866, 37.59444> PosAbsRoot:<135.1204, 134.08
66, 37.59444>
Robert Adams   
2014-02-14 11:04   
The is exactly the problem and has been a bug in the --displacement parameter since it was first written. Why trees get away with storing their shape info in the AttachPoint variable is a different discussion.

The fix is to use a different test in --displacement for 'is this a real in-world object that should be displaced'. There is the routine SceneObjectGroup.IsAttachementFullCheck() which also checks the shape's PCode to see if it is a prim but that relies on other logic tracking its attachmentness. The other approach is to check the PCode to see if it is trees or grass and only rely on the AttachPoint setting if it is a prim.

I think there may be other places that fail for legacy trees.
Garmin Kawaguichi   
2014-02-14 12:50   
Visual C# said if (!sceneObject.IsAttachmentCheckFull) cannot be used.

I've tried with if (!sceneObject.IsAttachment) and the results seem correct.
Ln 486 in protected void LoadObjects(Scene scene, List<string> serialisedSceneObjects, List<SceneObjectGroup> sceneObjects)
                if (sceneObject.AttachmentPoint == 0)
                if (!sceneObject.IsAttachment)
Ln 562 in private void HandleRotateScene(string module, string[] args)
                    if (sog.AttachmentPoint == 0)
                    if (!sog.IsAttachment)
Ln 591 in private void HandleScaleScene(string module, string[] args)
                    if (sog.AttachmentPoint == 0)
                    if (!sog.IsAttachment)
Ln 603 in private void HandleScaleScene(string module, string[] args)
                    if (sog.AttachmentPoint == 0)
                    if (!sog.IsAttachment)
Ln 643 in private void HandleTranslateScene(string module, string[] args)
                    if (sog.AttachmentPoint == 0)
                    if (!sog.IsAttachment)
Robert Adams   
2014-02-15 19:55   
I followed your lead and changed both the 'load oar' and the scene commands to use the SOG.IsAttachment method. Is this fixed now?
Garmin Kawaguichi   
2014-02-16 02:44   
All seems OK now! Thank you for all your efforts to improve OpenSimulator!
Robert Adams   
2014-02-16 09:07   
Corrected check for attachment in archive loading and in scene manipulation console commands.