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0007006: Online status and last seen date of group members not shown
The online status and last seen date of group members is never shown in Opensim. Online status appears to display in the profile window of avatars however... although I don't know if it's detected grid-wide, or locally in the same simulator.
Open the profile of any group. Usually by going in Profile -> Groups, right clicking a group, and selecting "View Info". The General section contains a list of group members, with the columns Member, Title, Status.

On the main grid, the Status column shows online, offline, or the date when the person was last seen. In Opensim however, Status is empty.
Noticed on OSGrid, in Wright Plaza, 11-02-2014. Kokua 3.6.12, although this probably affects any viewer.

Especially since Opensim has yet to draw much activity, I believe anything that helps avatars connect more easily should be given attention. Knowing when any member of a group is online (if the user in cause consents to that) can help avatars in better organizing activities, asking group related questions, etc.
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