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0006849opensim[REGION] Physics Enginespublic2013-11-16 00:082014-01-25 10:43
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0006849: Bulletsim - AV's feet are correct when walking on terrain, but when walking on a prim they are sunk well below the surface.
Bulletsim - AV's feet are correct when walking on terrain, but when walking on a prim they are sunk well below the surface. With a tall AV the feet are not even visible... may not be as noticeable on a shorter AV, but others have said it is.
This may be a Bulletsim issue because I don't recall seeing this problem when using ODE.
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Current default settings are:
AvatarHeightLowFudge = -0.2, AvatarHeightMidFudge = 0.1, AvatarHeightHighFudge = 0.1
After a lot of experimenting with different height AVs, I change to: AvatarHeightLowFudge = 0.0, AvatarHeightMidFudge = 0.25, AvatarHeightHighFudge = 0.55

It now seems to be almost perfect walking or standing on a prim with a max tall, mid, or max short AV. Walking on terrain however is now to high by the amount it was too low, but the error on terrain is kind of hard to see unless you are looking for it.

2013-11-16 10:37   
Thanks kenvc for finding a solution for this.
2013-11-16 11:42   
Tested using Advanced>Character>Show Collision Skeleton with Singularity for reference purposes, I can see that the bottom triangle box of the skeleton (the one for each foot) interacts correctly with a prim floor (whether or not an avatar wears shoes) and the sole of the feet or shoes are at the correct hight over the prim floor. However, standing on terrain those boxes float above ground. The measured heights above terrain were: (a) 0.06995 to the bottom of the skeleton box; and (b) 0.08503 to the sole of the avatar's feet or shoes.
2013-11-16 11:45   
Bruce, IF this is with the settings changes I described in the previous note, that's exactly what I am seeing. Its good walking on a prim now, but a little high on terrain... but still better than the AV's feet being down inside the prim.
2013-11-16 15:38   
My test was with AvatarHeightLowFudge = 0.0, AvatarHeightMidFudge = 0.2, AvatarHeightHighFudge = 0.5 With AvatarHeightLowFudge = 0.0, AvatarHeightMidFudge = 0.25, AvatarHeightHighFudge = 0.55 the avatar floats 0.13931 above terrain and 0.03301 above prim floor. For me that setting is too high. The test avatar is 2.10m tall (including shoes).
2014-01-25 10:43   
Marking this as resolved because the behavior is no longer as stated in this mantis and the current behavior is covered in another mantis.