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0006744opensim[GRID] User Servicepublic2013-08-18 17:172020-12-14 07:43
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r/23464 and before
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0006744: GridUser table gets extra entry with repeat avatar UUID with variants of hypergrid reference
GridUser UserID should be a single uuid for each local avatar however there is occasionally a second HG UserID found for a local avatar that is:

uuid;;user name

This causes the real last location or home location to be ignored when an avatar logs in.
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related to 0008802closed UbitUmarov Hypergrid Jump from OSGrid to another already visited grid fails first time works second time 
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2015-08-11 09:49   
(edited on: 2015-08-12 13:55)
griduser table is getting repeated entries for an avatar and this can happen when grid URL changes. Only ONE entry for a unique avatar UUID should be entered, that being the last seen.


eed69bd6-5ccd-4aae-874a-9bea02d878bc;;Butch [^] Arnold
eed69bd6-5ccd-4aae-874a-9bea02d878bc;;Butch [^] Arnold
eed69bd6-5ccd-4aae-874a-9bea02d878bc;;Butch [^] Arnold

and even this with just a / different

ee42ee88-bf26-4e40-88b0-1067ad552ef4;;Kalaeon [^] Amulet
ee42ee88-bf26-4e40-88b0-1067ad552ef4;;Kalaeon [^] Amulet

I am observing this on r/26141 dev master as at 11-Aug-2015 ... I found several repeated entries with the SAME avatar UUID but with different grid URLs. This was causing various issues with old, no longer existing, grid URLs showing up where the new one was not used.

It seems that one is chosen when looked up, and that can be an older one that is no longer valid.

This threw up errors such as this.. where [^] was a test grid used temporarily and some time ago.

17:20:45 - [USER AGENT CONNECTOR]: get_server_urls call to [^] failed: The operation has timed out
17:20:45 - [USER MANAGEMENT MODULE]: GetServerURLs call failed The operation has timed out
17:20:45 - [LOGHTTP]: JSON-RPC request 513 POST to FAILED: Invalid URI: The URI is empty.
17:20:45 - JsonRpc request 'avatarnotesrequest' to returned an invalid response: {"Success":"False","Message":"Service request failed: Invalid URI: The URI is empty."}

2015-08-11 15:58   
Extra path:

226f8c10-7550-b3ba-1706-6544af58ec0b;;First [^] Last
226f8c10-7550-b3ba-1706-6544af58ec0b;;First [^] Last

5c0a979e-bd2a-41cf-842c-d89515f2deab;;First [^] Last
5c0a979e-bd2a-41cf-842c-d89515f2deab;;First [^] Last

Domain alias, missing port (same IP):

910dc54d-e8e9-8b3e-2546-19ba330da2a7;;First [^] Last
910dc54d-e8e9-8b3e-2546-19ba330da2a7;;First [^] Last

8256a05a-acc1-42d0-851f-0e64d089f94e;;First [^] Last
8256a05a-acc1-42d0-851f-0e64d089f94e;;First [^] Last

Host changed (different IP):

a4527169-5901-4602-81e1-5b5e40cb330a;;First [^] Last
a4527169-5901-4602-81e1-5b5e40cb330a;;First [^] Last

e06d2b65-3551-409c-b641-d87cd5428c8f;;First [^] Last
e06d2b65-3551-409c-b641-d87cd5428c8f;;First [^] Last

55238ddf-d369-4e3d-9244-880d0eb4abf3;;First [^] Last
55238ddf-d369-4e3d-9244-880d0eb4abf3;;First [^] Last

Incomplete and corrupted name

419b63cd-15f1-11e4-8a04-002590dc5773;;First [^]
419b63cd-15f1-11e4-8a04-002590dc5773;;First [^] Last
419b63cd-15f1-11e4-8a04-002590dc5773;;Unknown [^] UserUPUUI
2015-08-15 18:25   
I can see having one entry for each agent and grid combination to avoid collision and impersonation.

However, I would suggest it would be wise to use uri authority (hostname and port, ONLY) for the second half. no uri scheme, delimiters, or extra paths.
2015-08-16 00:42   
(edited on: 2015-08-16 11:09)
The extra path parts was perhaps a bug at some stage.. I don't think that was intended was it?

The slash or no slash on the end does seem to keep coming up in OpenSim. For this purpose it would be better to stick with just grid URL:port as Cinder notes.

I guess we do have instances where a unique ID might be used on several grids... especially since test grids might be set up using the same data base cloned off a running grid.

The problem seems to be that one entry is used in some places and that older, pehaps now non-existent, host lookup can or will fail... as well as the HG name label being incorrect for the avatar logged in.

Either there ought to be a single entry per avatar treatng the avatar as the same individual with the latest overwriting the earlier entries, or if multiple entries really are required for some reason, then lookup ought to get the latest stored entry.

2020-11-19 12:49   
(edited on: 2020-11-19 12:51)
Interesting... with up to date dev master code on several different grids and latest 7-Nov-2020 OSGrid region code, I saw a case today where my avatar Ai Austin had lost its Home setting. I could not make out why, so just reset it.

May be worth adding this as a possible linked issue to the problem with logged in status persisting after a HG visit until you return, clear the logged in status and then retry successfully. Cross reference to Mantis 8802.

Ferd Frederix   
2020-12-14 07:43   
This is the spot what I traced down the impersonation issue, where anyone can be anyone else at any time. You can hold a prim attached to your hand, look at it and see it was created by X, then have Y teleport in, and the prim magically changes to be created by Y. I would think the proper thing to do would be to use the oldest record, not the latest, as any other way you can impersonate someone else. Content from copybotters who use Sim On A Stick would show up that way. I would love a way to block UUIDS such as Butch Arnolds from ever getting anywhere near my grid. UUIDs are supposed to be UNIQUE.

How to look like a copybotter: [^]