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0006623opensim[REGION] Script Functionspublic2013-05-06 16:022015-04-29 09:25
master (dev code) 
OpenSim 0.7.5 Post_Fixes
Standalone (Multiple Regions)
Mono / Linux64
0006623: llCastRay returns incorrect UUID when it collides with a linkset
llCastRay is supposed to return the UUID of the linked prim it intersects.
Instead, it is returning the Root Prim UUID of the linkset. It is ONLY supposed to return the root prim UUID if the (RC_DATA_FLAGS, RC_GET_ROOT_PRIM ) arguments are used. This also means that the link number returned (using RC_DATA_FLAGS, RC_GET_LINK_NUM ) is ALWAYS 1.

create a prim and add the following script.

integer filter= 8;// default is 0
        string ownerName = llKey2Name(llGetOwner());
        llOwnerSay("Hello, " + ownerName + "!");
    touch_start(integer total_number)
        vector start = llGetPos();
        vector end = start - <0.0, 0.0,5.0>;
        llOwnerSay("Filter " + (string)filter + " - Casting ray from : " + (string) start + " to " + (string) end);
        list results = llCastRay(start, end, [RC_REJECT_TYPES, filter, RC_MAX_HITS, 4] );
        integer hitNum = 0;

        while (hitNum < llList2Integer(results, -1))
            // Stride is 2 because we didn't request normals or link numbers
            key uuid = llList2Key(results, 2*hitNum);
            string name = "Land"; // if (uuid == NULL_KEY)
            if (uuid != NULL_KEY)
                name = llKey2Name(uuid);
            llOwnerSay("Hit " + name + "." + llList2String(llGetObjectDetails(uuid,[OBJECT_DESC]),0));

Move the prim to eye level...

Create 4 2x2 meter tiles on the not link them.
Move the test prim over the top of each and touch it... It should spam hit information about the prim beneath it. Move the prim over each of the 4 tiles and note that it correctly reports the prim UUID.

Link the 4 tiles and repeat... you will notice that the root UUID is returned no matter which tile the object is above.

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has duplicate 0007374new  llCastRay does not return the UUID of child prims 
related to 0007546closed nebadon llCastRay only partly implemented 
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