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0006622opensim[GRID] Inventory Servicepublic2013-05-06 14:422019-02-25 07:49
Isis Ophelia 
Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
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0006622: Attachment point gets lost after rezzing on the ground
Any object attached to the avatar loses the assigned attachment point and position, if it is rezzed on the ground and taken back to Inventory. Grids I know with this problem are using: OS versions 0.7.3/0.7.4/0.7.5 stable released version.

Because of another bug that if you edit a worn attachment and touch the root prim causes the child prims to disappear or make the avatar invisible, or turn ghosted and crash the viewer, one must rez every attachment you want to edit on the ground.

Also when I have to insert scripts in the attachment I must rez it on the ground. Making shoes or jewelry turns to a very time consuming work, repositioning the attachment every time, I have rezzed it on the ground.
1) make any prim
2) In your Inventory: Attach to -------> give it an attachment point
3) Edit the attachment and position it in the right place on your avatar
4) Detach it and rez it on the ground
5) Take it back to your Inventory
6) Wear --------------> it attaches to the Left Hand
Avination (Melanie Thielker) has fixed it, because I never had this problem there.
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related to 0004905closed justincc Attachments lose their attach point/position after being rezzed in-world and then taken back 
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This was apparently fixed at some point, unable to reproduce in current master.