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0006579opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2013-03-21 21:222014-07-29 13:42
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master (dev code) 
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0006579: Attachments sometimes show up "floating" in world or are invisible
Attachments tend to show up "floating" in world rather than attached to the avatar. That is, they look as if they've been rezzed in world and won't move around with your avatar, but the inventory says they are actually attached. They can be detached normally either through inventory or by right clicking the floating object and detach.

Sometimes they tend to simply be invisible but the inventory says they're attached.

They can sometimes be detached and then reattached but most often I've seen that they will refuse to reattach (and sometimes refuse to detach) until either a relog or teleport to a different region. On occasion, nothing but a relog will work.
I have not yet been able to consistently reproduce this since it appears random but it happens fairly common enough to be able to run across it after a few login attempts and teleport/region cross attempts.

However one of the factors in my testing that I am noticing is that the presence of scripted attachments seems to make this happen more often than simply using all non scripted attachments. (I have been testing with 5 scripted attachments with a total of appx. 20 - 30 scripts or so)
On commit 3611d3 (r/22387) this usually shows up upon a freshy started instance of OpenSim and usually whatever is attached to the left hand is what ends up floating in world. This can be detached but cannot be reattached until either crossing into a different sim or relogging.

In the commits later than 3611d3 this can show up on any random attachment (that I can tell)
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Closing this as fixed; have not seen this issue show up in a long while.