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0006549opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2013-02-23 15:452021-10-08 00:42
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i7 8gb nvidia 550 8gb Win 7 64OpenSim- using SQlite7.4 7.5
Standalone (Multiple Regions)
Mono / Windows
Kokua Imprudence
0006549: console stops responding to commands- (cursor not generating)
Is there some problem with the console- after a while - approx an hour.. the console command window does not respond anymore. Usually their is a flashing cursor visible for you to enter commands (like load oar ... terrain fill 21 etc)
I have a 7 region world and travel back and forth between the regions building. At some point the cursor just disappears in the console. The viewer still works,
but I cannot enter any commands in the console.

is there a maximum limit of commands the console will recognize? (50, 100 , 200???) before it stops allowing more server commands?
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There's no limit to console commands. I'm not sure why it the console would suddenly disappear if you are not entering commands at the time. If you are entering commands then that may be different.