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0006543opensim[REGION] Physics Enginespublic2013-02-13 14:222015-04-13 10:54
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0006543: llTargetOmega not work on physical prims
According to [^] llTargetOmega has an effect on physical root prims that allows them to rotate void of their mass and measurable by llGetOmega. When Stuck in a child prim they should also still rotate but only on the client side. Currently all rotation stops in child prims when a linkset goes physical. [^]

For work in a root physical prim the same test script can be used in the root prim and the entire linkset should rotate around and be collided with based on what the veiwer shows as the rotation.
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related to 0007524closed nebadon llTargetOmega ignores gain arguement 
related to 0007304new  llTargetOmega not implemented for Physical object 
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