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Han Held 
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0006471: Feature request: Setting the default region needs to be clearer
Currently, the way to set the default region is very hard to find, and the syntax is extremely counter-intuitive. The location of the setting to specify setting your default region varies depending on the mode you run in (standalone or grid) which makes it difficult to give support on.

Also, the syntax used to specify it is counter-intuitive to say the least.
Right now it's
<region name>_default=<options>

No other option calls for changing the name of the option itself, which leads to confusion.

I feel it would be better to change the way that is specified by either breaking it up into two parts, such as:
default_region=<region name>
or at least changing the syntax so that it's clearer where you specify the name of the region:
default_region=<region name><options>

Also, this option should be set in Opensim.ini regardless of mode so that people know where to find it.
This applies to all run modes, but specifying that wasn't an option in this mantis.
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kahn khalim   
2012-12-20 19:52   
when in gridmode, robust does not use opensim.ini, wouldn't it be futile to place it in opensim.ini?

Another suggestion: take out the underscores in region name spaces, and place it in quotes?