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0006297opensim[REGION] Physics Enginespublic2012-09-14 12:302014-07-29 13:41
Robert Adams 
Robert Adams 
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.NET / Windows64
0006297: Physical sculpty shapes fall through the terrain and don't act properly physical
Like the summary says, sculpty shapes do not bounce on the terrain and they act oddly by accelerating and jumping out of the region.
Create a sculpty object. Set it at 10m above the ground. Set object to physical and let go. The sculpty object will drop through the terrain and then bounce up into the sky and eventually leave the region.
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Robert Adams   
2012-09-28 13:46   
Latest version of BulletSim (9/28/2012) fixes this problem.
Robert Adams   
2012-10-02 17:50   
This wasn't as fixed as I thought.
Robert Adams   
2012-11-07 09:49   
Problem is that meshes are not set up to collide while hulls are and the conversion from mesh to hull was not happening for physical shapes. Conversion is now happening and such shapes do not fall through.