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0006153opensim[REGION] Physics Enginespublic2012-08-13 13:502014-07-29 13:41
Robert Adams 
master (dev code) 
master (dev code)master (dev code) 
Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Mono / Linux32
0006153: flying avatars crossing region borders sink after the crossing
Flying across a region border causes the avatar to sink in the new region when it stops flying. Landings and walking become erratic and jumpy.
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Robert Adams   
2012-08-16 15:09   
It does look like the flying flag is getting lost on a region crossing. There is also a hiccup in avatar walking movement. They both will be examined.

It looks like the fix for the avatar on terrain problem solved the 'erratic and jumpy' problem.
Robert Adams   
2012-08-17 13:43   
Problem was the resetting of the flying state as the border is crossed.
Fixed in 03d76e94034bbaa82d1872284d1fadbaa263411d