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0005792: Duplicated prims after mutiselect-and-copy
When i multiselect some prims (click on prims during holding the shift-key) and copy them (as usual: moving the selected prims by still holding the shift key), then after newstart of the sim there are all prims doubled: a little bit moved from the "source-prims".

By chance i copied now two times. And after newstart there are now three prims for every prim.

see above

It seems, that this wrong prims are not included in oar-files. After finishing the described steps above i've saved the sim as oar. after loading the wrong prims don't appear.

But i can restart the sim as often i want: To get rid of this wrong prims i have to delete them.
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I can't reproduce this failure. On shift-copy, the correct number of prims are copied and this remains so after a restart.
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2011-11-14 11:52   
Thats the reason, why i set "Reproducibility" to random. I tried a few weeks ago to find an 100% reproducible way to illustrate the bug. But i didn't found it. And now, after a long time it happened again.

The annoying thing about this bug is, to delete the wrong prims without affecting the wanted prims.
2011-12-12 06:50   
I remember this happening to me in OpenSim 4 years ago. I suddenly found that some of my buildings had the exact same prim in the same spot more than once, then had to find and delete the duplicates (sometimes I could see them due to Z-fighting caused by lightning). I remember my issue was related to shift-dragging too. It doesn't happen to me any more though, so maybe it depends on OpenSim settings or lag?