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0005765: Not able to enable voice chat.....
   i downloaded opensim-0.7.2-bin from open sim official site.i install freeswitch and done all the configuration for opensim ,but when i run the server and run the application in both SL viewer and Hippo Viewer it is showing voice chat is disable for this region.
   So can you please tell me i am doing something wrong or something i am missing to enable voice chat.
Note : i am running opensim server in standalone mode.
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2011-10-30 21:46peterbasutkarNew Issue
2011-10-30 21:46peterbasutkarGit Revision => opensim-0.7.2-bin
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2011-10-30 21:46peterbasutkarPhysics Engine => BasicPhysics
2011-10-30 21:46peterbasutkarEnvironment => Unknown
2011-10-30 21:46peterbasutkarMono Version => None
2011-10-30 21:46peterbasutkarViewer => SL Viewer , Hippo
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Setting up FreeSwitch and OpenSim to enable voice chat has been one of the more difficult tasks one can attempt. Recent changes to OpenSim have fixed some issues with using FreeSwitch and simplified the setup. There is still some out-of-date, incomplete, or incorrect information floating around about how to enable voice chat. As this is a bug tracking system and not a help system, you should ask for help on the #opensim IRC channel. Other OpenSim users who have gone through the process of setting up voice chat will be able to help you.