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0005409opensim[GRID] Hypergridpublic2011-03-04 08:132013-05-13 16:41
master (dev code) 
master (dev code) 
Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
.NET / Windows64
Imprudence, Hippo
0005409: Dev Master rev14969 Hypergrid from OSGrid, TP home, then error spewing and viewer crash
How to reproduce:

1. Logged into OSG to Bora_Bora_Sandbox and set home position there
1. Hypergrid TP from sim Bora_Bora_Sandbox on OSGrid to This sim is suposedly running the latest hypergrid release.
2. After I arrived, took a copy of 3 free palm trees, then teleported home to Bora_Bora_SandBox in OSGrid.
3. Errors start spewing on the simulator console for several seconds, then viewer crashes. Simulator log file is attached.
Here is the error that starts spewing over and over:

DEBUG - OpenSim.Region.Framework.Scenes.Serialization.SceneObjectSerializer [SceneObjectSerializer]: exception while parsing Shape FlexiDrag: System.Xml.XmlException: Content cannot be converted to the type Float. Line 1, position 2196. ---> System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.
   at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal)
   at System.Number.ParseSingle(String value, NumberStyles options, NumberFormatInfo numfmt)
   at System.Single.Parse(String s, NumberStyles style, NumberFormatInfo info)
   at System.Xml.XmlConvert.ToSingle(String s)
   at System.Xml.XmlReader.ReadContentAsFloat()
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
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txt Hypergrid TP home with inventory.txt (302,020) 2011-03-04 08:13
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2011-03-04 08:13kenvcNew Issue
2011-03-04 08:13kenvcFile Added: Hypergrid TP home with inventory.txt
2011-03-04 08:13kenvcGit Revision => 14969
2011-03-04 08:13kenvcSVN Revision => 0
2011-03-04 08:13kenvcRun Mode => Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
2011-03-04 08:13kenvcPhysics Engine => ODE
2011-03-04 08:13kenvcEnvironment => .NET / Windows64
2011-03-04 08:13kenvcMono Version => None
2011-03-04 08:13kenvcViewer => Imprudence, Hippo
2011-03-04 08:35kenvcSummaryMaster dev rev 14969 Hypergrid from OSGrid, TP home, then error spewing and viewer crash => Dev Master rev14969 Hypergrid from OSGrid, TP home, then error spewing and viewer crash
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2013-05-13 16:41kenvcFixed in Version => master (dev code)

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