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0005264opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2010-12-10 16:552019-02-09 02:53
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Grid (1 Region per Sim)
.NET / Windows64
all viewer
0005264: Region dont show up after reset
when i reset region it wont show up on viewer any more
to see the region is relog or go two region back and come back to it
1. make sure next region isnt on same insatance.
2. do shutdown in console.
3. restart the instances and watch it to rez in world, but it wont
to see the region is relog or go away 2 sim back
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2010-12-10 17:36   
(edited on: 2010-12-10 17:39)
also it not anything to with region reset command this is working off the bat, but i am saying is when region start it usually it send rezzing sim to agent when is near by, but i know it was working in r/1443x and since first 0.7 came out
but it havent work last few version

2010-12-15 08:36   
ok here i did, i have setup video how inworld work, i alway use estate trool never quit using it, in my setup i have a program call Alwaysup it good for opensim for reset, anyway. i have setup i opensimdefault to do InworldRestartShutsDown enabled
soo here the link when sim restart and never show in viewer [^]
2010-12-29 12:29   
look here it does in osgrid
15:26:33 - [CONNECTION BEGIN]: Region AnSky on osgrid authenticated and authoriz
ed incoming child agent Andsim Hammerer bd2a8f71-78d4-4846-a4ea-3c6d87cb3cbe (ci
rcuit code 2121908186)
15:26:33 - [CAPS]: Registered seed capability /CAPS/28f8a2b3-b9bf-4ab8-9d4a-f732
d91252d90000/ for bd2a8f71-78d4-4846-a4ea-3c6d87cb3cbe
15:26:33 - [OBJECTADD]: /CAPS/OA/5ce78042-c8cd-4d8d-b833-2b2685257d85/
15:26:33 - [DATASNAPSHOT]: Registering service discovery capability for bd2a8f71
15:26:33 - [GETMESH]: /CAPS/a9664e9c-ed41-4ab8-8796-3ad8e2e425b3
15:26:33 - [GETMESH]: /CAPS/2093631e-b7f8-49bb-a008-d2aba5dfcd80
15:26:33 - [UploadObjectAssetModule]: /CAPS/96d9482a-6eb0-4429-9cc5-050d22507a01

15:26:33 - [GETTEXTURE]: /CAPS/db01ce66-afb7-4c08-8dfe-4171b9684700[
2010-12-29 16:26   
updating info
2010-12-31 13:31   
mixed problems , cant test.. more info plz
2010-12-31 13:37   
feedback plz , i cant add what we got vrs this :)
smile we want it to work too :)
2010-12-31 13:42   
problem i if you have more active avatars, and trouble when sim restartig people wont see it up when it complete loaded only if they are nearby
2019-02-09 02:53   
Relates to the fact that regions or simulators starting right next to the one the user is in do not actually "appear" as they should. It's something that seems to work fine in SL, well at least last time I used that, confirming this so it gets some love as this perplexes people to this day.