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0004807opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2010-06-26 19:442010-06-26 21:55
Standalone (Multiple Regions)
.NET / Windows32
0004807: when rezzing scripted object - console reports successful load of script then crashes
When rezzing any scripted object created on another grid the console shows that the script has successfully loaded then crashes, as long as the error message window is not closed the simulator will continue to run and everything works correctly INCLUDING the scripted object, once the simulator is restarted the object will be in sim and functional. Reproducible every time. This problem is reproducible on 2 different servers.
Running under WINXP SP2 or WINXPsp3
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Without the crash dump we can't even look at this. Please include the crash dump.
2010-06-26 21:55   
That's part of the problem, it never logs a crash to disk - in fact the console doesn't show an error - windows pops up the message saying opensim.exe needs to close. This doesn't occur using 0.6.8. Further investigation looking at the windows error logger, it claims opensim32.exe caused an i/o error. also if I don't close the error message, the sim keeps running.