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0004806opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2010-06-26 19:252021-10-19 19:04
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Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
.NET / Windows32
0004806: Store tattoo layer in appearance info
The tattoo layer is not currently being stored in appearance, so it must always be re-worn after logging on.

Not a high priority item, just wanted to document it.
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2010-06-27 12:44   
what is the tattoo layer? Can you tell me how to reproduce this?
2010-06-28 07:32   
This is a new layer of appearance data added in Viewer 2, which basically lets you apply tattoos separately from other clothing layers. You can see it by logging in with Viewer 2, bringing up your inventory, then click on Create -> New Clothes. New Tattoo is found at the bottom of the list, under New Alpha.

Other viewers, such as Hippo and the latest Emerald beta (2270), are now providing support for this new layer.
alecia ashbourne   
2010-12-29 12:27   
(edited on: 2010-12-29 14:33)
I have this problem with diva-r13981: The Alpha layer is another 'tattoo' layer adopted by linden labs and is supported by the lindens viewer 2.xx client – Imprudence, Pheonix, Cool Viewer and a number of others. Typicaly you might use it to make a part of your body (avatar) invisible – I use it to render my feet invisible which negates the need for invisible prims.

This issue is easily testable: Load an Alpha layer compatible viewer such as imprudence and start into your Diva distro – when loaded and rezed go into appearance edit mode – you see a Button at the bottom below Tattoo called 'Alpha', here you can create a custom layer or simply tick one of the section boxes – this will render invisible whichever section you tick. Save that and exit appearance, you will now find this new layer in your clothing folder .. re name it if you like. Now shut down and re start your client to the same location, you will notice all your clothing will load – and attachments attach but the alpha layer which you created must now be located in your clothing folder and re worn.

This occurs in all supported clients weather utilising KDU or OpenJPGl

This was tested on the latest Diva Distro (diva-r13981 )
OpenSim Post_Fixes (Win/.NET)

however I repeated this test at a number of other locations in Osgrid and found that on regions running OpenSim 0.7.1 Dev 3ef9a4d(Unix/Mono) and OpenSim 0.7.1 Dev OSgrid 0.7.1 (Dev) 25ecd62 (Win/.NET)the Alpha layer functioned correctly .. loading successfully along with the other clothing layers.... So maybe it's been solved ... but the current version Diva still has this problem.

2010-12-31 13:00   
I think thats not ment yet, be nice .. mostly the prtection layer matters as to anti-copybot. Tat's still work if there used oldschool .
I had a few isers report this but its not totaly implemted.
What there is is ment to prevent copybot and works.
2010-12-31 13:06   
Old way cool skin makers wanted protections 1st . This has been done and also a diff between LL and Opensimulator.Tats are still used the same . make a shirt or whatever. What matters more is no one can copy your avie.
I say it works as ment to but for the other reasion :)
2010-12-31 13:17   
add this. all copybot gets now is an alpha textuer and only Opensim has fixed that. Your tat works ok if you use how it was done to prevent it.
I think this is ment and id rather use the curent Opensim way than to expect the other way.
Make a shirt of it.. works :)

2010-12-31 13:26   
subnote: Nim and the old crew SS live! lets see what magic we got :)
its working right :)
2010-12-31 14:02   
say thnkyou to mel. way cool and well done !
will wake up nim and good things :)
2011-01-01 07:11   
Appreciate the feedback samiam, but not sure what the comments about clothing layer protection have to do with the issue reported. The mantis deals with the fact that this particular layer is not automatically re-worn when you relog, unlike every other clothing layer (presumably because it's a fairly new addition to the mix).
2021-10-19 19:04   
This seems to have been fixed at some point, I wear a tattoo layer on my system avatar and that's still there.