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0004549: Request to store current agent animation
Currently, all avatars log in as a T pose (known condition).
However, when using bots (which we do on two separate projects),
this is problematic since all bots revert to a T pose when viewed
by a new client. On one of the projects, the bots are (supposed
to be) in a seating position.

For human-driven avatars, the problem is not quite as
severe since most humans are continually changing their orientation
or position, thus triggering client updates.

Request to store avatar current animation in the mysql database. When
a new client connects, this animation would be issued to the client,
thus showing the correct animation for all avatars. From my perusal of
the database, the current animation is not stored.
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Judging by the contents of this issue, it rather seems to be a feature request. Just changed some properties.