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0004380: Several MySQL tables have no index keys
While looking at the database structure using phpMyAdmin I noticed a message on some of the tables that they had no index. There are five tables with no defined index. They are avatarattachments, landaccesslist, regionban, terrain, and migrations.

The lack of an index on migrations is unlikely to be an issue but the first four should have an index. I have attached two migration files which add the missing indexes. The files belong in OpenSim/Data/MySQL/Resources
The attached files include alter commands to add unique keys to certain columns of the tables mentioned above. I based this on looking at the MS SQL table creation code. I'm still getting familiar with the overall database structure so some of the unique keys may or may not be needed.
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? 009_UserStore.sql (190) 2009-11-16 16:08
? 032_RegionStore.sql (303) 2009-11-16 16:09
patch 0001-Patch-to-add-missing-indexes-to-MySQL-database-table.patch (1,295) 2009-11-17 11:40
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2009-11-16 17:36   
Most of those keys would BADLY break things.

A primary key is unique by design, but the avatarattachments table has multiple rows for the same avatar.

Also, a region can have more than one entry in the ban list, etc.

Of all the proposed keyz, only one would not break things.

hard -1
2009-11-16 17:39   
As an additional remark, we DO need keys on those tables. But not UNIQUE or PRIMARY ones.
2009-11-16 19:52   
I don't use MS SQL and misinterpreted the meaning of uniqueidentifier and PRIMARY in the database schema. I was going to attach a patch file which just adds an INDEX for the four tables but the patch created by git puts the resource files in the current top-level directory instead of in the proper sub-directory.
2011-08-14 19:39   
It needs to revise the patch concurrent with current codebase and vote again.