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0003883opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2009-07-13 03:412019-07-28 10:08
master zephyr 
Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
.NET / Windows32
0003883: Error loging Inconsistant between 32 and 64bit Some fail silently
On looking into another problem i noted that the problem i was trying to find was logged in the opensim.log but not in the 32bit lauch log.
I tested this using a file i know that fails (harmless).
To check i placed the file Opensim.Region.ReplaceableModules.MoneyModule.dll back into the bin folder (i know this to fail on launching region server in ether mode). Then ran the 32bit opensim launcher it fails silently. Then i ran same test w. opensim.exe launch (fails and also triggers m$ debug).
When looking at the 32bit launch log there is nothing logged at all but in the opensim.log test, it did log the error correctly.
I would have expected the exception to be recorded in ether mode in there x.logs.
This tends to make bug hunting a bit harder. This difference was found when looking for another problem and thought i should mention it in a dif. mantis.
Im not sure if this is just for one case of an exception error or if it also happens w. others as well. This happened to be one i think is reproducable.
I was running under win 32bit mode at rev 10k24. I have not tryed this on linux to see if the same is true there as well.
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master zephyr   
2009-07-13 04:05   
Note: If you try this dont forget to remove the offending .dll after testing.
2019-07-28 10:08   
This was a very early bug, as far as I can tell it has since been fixed in some later version.