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0003823: Something intended to be an attachment rezzed by llRezObject() loses attachment data
Consider the following; I have a ring. I position it on my right hand and detach it. If I wear it again, the position is correct.

So I place the ring in another object. If I copy the ring from the object's inventory into my own inventory and wear it, the position is still correct.

Now I rez the ring using llRezObject(). If I attempt to use Attach, Attach To, or Wear from the ground on the ring, it will attach to the left hand (default) even though it was supposed to go on the right. Also, even if you use Attach To to put it on the right hand, its rotation will still be borked. Taking the object and wearing from inventory produces the same result.

I don't know how the server stores the rotation/point/position of an attachment, but it apparently isn't being copied correctly by llRezObject. It's problematic enough that llAttachToAvatar and its sister Detach function aren't implemented yet, but not even being able to manually attach the object in question is even more of an issue.
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2009-06-21 04:58   
The attachment information is stored in the same fields as the world position. Therefore, rezzing an attachment in world overwrites this information.
2009-06-21 07:12   
Wouldn't that mean llAttachToAvatar and llDetachToAvatar wouldn't even work if they were implemented? I don't see any reason to not store the attachment information separately.
2011-07-30 04:35   
As of OpenSim 0.7.2-dev, this is still the issue. Even dropping the item on the ground before taking it and attaching has the same problem.