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0003781opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2009-06-07 06:522009-06-29 15:05
Pentium 4Windows XP Media CenterSP3 32bit
Grid (1 Region per Sim)
.NET / Windows32
0003781: Crash: No IAssetService available
Revision 9807 of OpenSim compiles successfully under Visual C# 2008, but when I start OpenSim.exe I get the following crash after approximately 10 seconds:

2009-06-07 16:30:45,535 INFO - OpenSim.Region.CoreModules.World.WorldMap.WorldMapModule [WORLD MAP]: JPEG Map location: [^]
2009-06-07 16:30:45,566 INFO - OpenSim.Region.ScriptEngine.XEngine.EventManager [XEngine] Hooking up to server events
2009-06-07 16:30:45,597 INFO - OpenSim.Region.ScriptEngine.DotNetEngine.EventManager [ScriptEngine.DotNetEngine]: Hooking up to server events
2009-06-07 16:30:45,644 INFO - OpenSim.Region.CoreModules.World.WorldMap.TexturedMapTileRenderer [MAPTILE]: Generating Maptile Step 1: Terrain
2009-06-07 16:30:45,660 ERROR - OpenSim.Application [APPLICATION]:
APPLICATION EXCEPTION DETECTED: System.UnhandledExceptionEventArgs

Exception: System.Exception: No IAssetService available.
   at OpenSim.Region.Framework.Scenes.Scene.get_AssetService()
   at OpenSim.Region.CoreModules.World.WorldMap.TexturedMapTileRenderer.fetchTexture(UUID id)
   at OpenSim.Region.CoreModules.World.WorldMap.TexturedMapTileRenderer.computeAverageColor(UUID textureID, Color defaultColor)
   at OpenSim.Region.CoreModules.World.WorldMap.TexturedMapTileRenderer.TerrainToBitmap(Bitmap mapbmp)
   at OpenSim.Region.CoreModules.World.WorldMap.MapImageModule.WriteJpeg2000Image(String gradientmap)
   at OpenSim.Region.Framework.Scenes.Scene.CreateTerrainTexture(Boolean temporary)
   at OpenSim.OpenSimBase.CreateRegion(RegionInfo regionInfo, Boolean portadd_flag, Boolean do_post_init, IScene& mscene)
   at OpenSim.OpenSimBase.CreateRegion(RegionInfo regionInfo, Boolean portadd_flag, IScene& scene)
   at OpenSim.ApplicationPlugins.LoadRegions.LoadRegionsPlugin.PostInitialise()
   at OpenSim.OpenSimBase.StartupSpecific()
   at OpenSim.OpenSim.StartupSpecific()
   at OpenSim.Framework.Servers.BaseOpenSimServer.Startup()
   at OpenSim.Application.Main(String[] args)

Application is terminating: True

I ran prebuild2008, have opensim.ini updated and tried a fresh SVN checkout, but the issue still occurs.
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2009-06-07 06:52mirceakitsuneNew Issue
2009-06-07 06:52mirceakitsuneSVN Revision => 9807
2009-06-07 06:52mirceakitsuneRun Mode => Grid (1 Region per Sim)
2009-06-07 06:52mirceakitsunePhysics Engine => ODE
2009-06-07 06:52mirceakitsuneEnvironment => .NET / Windows32
2009-06-07 06:52mirceakitsuneMono Version => None
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2009-06-07 07:35   
Please look at the bottom of OpenSim.ini.example, and follow the instructions from there.

Also pay attention to details of all inis in config-include. Some of them were updated yesterday. This shouldn't be a problem, though, unless you had changed them by hand.
2009-06-07 08:35   
Yes, there was something in one of the new config files which doesn't point to the correct file by default. Setting this to resolved.