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==The WiXTD Wiki page==
==The WiXTD Wiki page==
[ WiXTD on the forge]<br/>
[ Running Development Version]

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The WiXTD Wiki page


WiXTD on the forge
Running Development Version


WiXTD is a webportal that is meant to make control over a grid a little easier for administrators, users and moderators, but it's main purpose is to function as a social community tool that sticks between the web and the virtual world. Before it can fullfill all that, it's important to have a clean codebase to start from. Therefor it's written in PHP5, tries to be as object oriented as possible, and uses the Smarty template engine to seperate markup from code. The upcoming 0.1 release must be functional enough to install and write new modules, developed by users. That's why there are no releases yet. The underlying structure is still not cohesive and consistent enough to make module development even possible.


WiXTD is modular, meaning functionality is grouped within structures called modules. There are modules for profiles, region management, simulator management, messaging, etc. Each module has the same basic layout; it extends the module class and inherits a core-object. Using the core-object, each module has access to the whole system. Besides modules, which are fully part of the webinterface, there are also parts that are called 'micros'. A micro is a small part of functionality, that can be used without using the whole web-interface. It has access to all components, but it doesn't render the user interface. For instance, there is the splash-screen that a user will see when it retrieves the grid-info with the hippoviewer. In the OpenSim-config, a grid-administrator would then specify the micro for the splashscreen like:

Other Micro's:

To generate tms-tiles for the webmap...
To handle currency traffic...
Automate regionloading...
Convert a mysql blob to an image...

Anyway, you got the point. These are not at all times part of the webinterface, but can be used by OpenSimulator as well.


I'll keep this one short. If you are a regular user, not willing to invest some time understanding the source, you probably don't want to try wixtd atm. There will be an easy-to-use installer when the software is more stable, but until then installation is only for people with some patience and free time. Follow these steps to get it running:

  • Make sure you have PHP5, CURL, XMLRPC and imagick with JP2-support(requires jasper, and imagemagick with jp2-support)
  • Copy the source in Apache's documentroot
svn checkout .
  • Import the tables from install/wixtd.sql into your opensim database
  • Make an admin admin opensim user with the opensim user service
  • Modify the wixtd_user UUID, so it's the same as the opensim user UUID (with phpmyadmin)
  • Modify the wixtd_settings table, so it reflects your own setup
  • Copy ./inc/config.php.tmp to ./inc/config.php
  • Fill in your mysql-settings

You should have a working webinterface by now...

  • Try logging in with 'admin admin' and password 'admin'
  • Customize your wixtd installation from the acp-menu's


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