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==The WiXTD Wiki page==
==The WiXTD Wiki page==
[[image:Wixtd_mapping.jpeg|350px|thumb|right|WiXTD's TMS-tiling features can show both hypergrid and region information, using AJAX calls for data retrieval]]
[[image:Wixtd_mapping.jpeg|350px|thumb|left|WiXTD's TMS-tiling features can show both hypergrid and region information, using AJAX calls for data retrieval]]
[ WiXTD on the forge]<br/>
[ WiXTD on the forge]<br/>

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The WiXTD Wiki page

WiXTD's TMS-tiling features can show both hypergrid and region information, using AJAX calls for data retrieval


WiXTD on the forge
Running Development Version


WiXTD is a BSD-licensed PHP5-webportal/framework, that is tightly connected to the OpenSim database. It's purpose is to:

  • simplify access to OpenSim
  • allow non-tech personal to operate OpenSim
  • Extend in-world content and functionality to the web
  • Extend web-information to in-world objects

The idea behind WiXTD is to have a basic framework, on which two seperate applications will be build. One for casual purposes, and another one for e-learning purposes. WiXTD 0.1 already had it's first release, and is marked as pre-alpha code atm, there are some technical decisions for the long run, like:

  • Using maintained PEAR packages for basic functionality, instead of custom written code
  • Adding a Database abstraction layer(MDB2), to support MSSQL and PostgreSQL
  • Make heavy use of jQuery

Functionality in version 0.1 will be frozen to the current toolset, which is:

  • Registration(mail,instant)
  • Stock avatar selection on registration, stock avatar duping/editing
  • News section
  • Static pages(html/iframe wrapper)
  • Profile management
  • Menu management
  • Hypergrid Link management
  • DB to XML Regionloader based on detected ip/port
  • DB to XML Hypergrid linkloader for the grid
  • Simulator control
  • Merged ACP/Frontend
  • Settings control
  • OpenLayers mapcontrol, basic overlay, PHPCli TMS Grid MapTiler


There is a preliminary install script for wixtd now, which does an environment check, writes the database, and gives additional information how to get WiXTD running. The sql contains also modrex specific tables, which are for testing. These are not used normally, but can be switched on from the settings menu. Please install wixtd in a seperate database, apart from opensim. Follow these steps to get it running:

  • Make sure you have PHP5, CURL, XMLRPC and imagick with JP2-support(requires jasper, and imagemagick with jp2-support)
  • Copy wixtd from svn in the Apache's documentroot
svn checkout /var/www
  • Run the installation script, by pointing your browser to:
  • Follow the instructions in the script
  • Log in and customize your wixtd



Micro's are mini-components that have a small set of functionality, which can be accessed apart from the webportal. The current micro's are:

Splash screen in the viewer. Setup in Gridinfo
CLI script that generates maptiles from the region/simulator tables
php /my/webdir/index.php tiler
Currency handler. Will be used for karma
Automated regionloading. Used by the webloader
Automated HyperGrid linkloader
Shows an asset-blob as an image.
Used by an AJAX-call of region-data for Openlayers. Can be used for dynamic KML-layer generation as well

Anyway, you got the point. These are not at all times part of the webinterface, but can be used by OpenSimulator or an external API as well. Most data is returned as XML, but it's not yet consistent. This will be cleaned during the 0.1 phase as well...


If you want to change the template, it's best to copy the /tpl/osn folder to a custom /tpl/mynewtemplate folder. Change the theme in Settings accordingly. The mainstyling is in /tpl/mynewtemplate/style.css . Custom html layout is both in the template folder(general stuff for index layout), and in the /com/com.mycomponent/views directories. WiXTD uses the smarty engine for template parsing. UNIQ8cb22d833d33479-cleanpage-00000000-QINU

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