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Contributing to the Wiki

There are a lot of pages in the opensim wiki today, many of which aren't really up to snuff.

One of the ways to start to get a handle on this problem is to get volunteers to go through and tag pages with some of the following tags:


(See below for examples of how this is rendered on the wiki)

They mean the following

  • obsolete - this page had good information at one point, but it is too

out of date to really have value now. We need to capture the information in another page, or do major work to bring the page up to date

  • content - this page has a little bit of information, but it's very

incomplete. It probably can stay in the same place but needs more helping hands.

  • needsexample - while the content of the page is good, it's too hard to

understand without examples. We'd like to get examples into this page to make it more user friendly.

  • delete - this page is so out of date that it's got nothing of value left

in it on the wiki. It should just be deleted as it causes more confusion that anything else.

All are welcome to participate in this review and tagging of the wiki. Doing this will help us get a sense of where to focus, and what really needs work. I'll create a few more tags (like move) next week, as well as some better wiki guidelines so we can much more easily getting people involved in helping us have a world class wiki.


  • Update Navigation links - Mark Malewski
  • Check the WIKI for orphan pages and bad links - Mark Malewski
  • Twist the developer's arms, and try to get updated content for WIKI pages - Mark Malewski
  • Mind Map for the Wiki - SeanDague

Wiki Office Hours

Wright Plaza on Thursday Afternoons at 19:00 GMT. Come there to help us make the OpenSim wiki a world class information resource for OpenSim


The following macros should be used to tag pages that are not up to par. This will help us keep a list of things needed to improve the wiki. Don't worry too much about marking a page incorrectly, tagging these pages makes them show up under various Categories and wiki admins will clear tags if they aren't appropriate.

Pages That Need Fixing

Pages that need deleting

Informational Tags for Pages

This is used on pages that represent future proposals, so that people don't get confused that this is the way that opensim currently works. For reference to the writers of proposals, its tag:
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