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Wifi - A Simple Account Management Front-end

"Wifi" stands for "Web Interface For... I" :-)

This is an add-on module that IS NOT IN THE CORE of OpenSim. It is provided by Diva Canto and can be added to OpenSim 0.7 onwards. Please do not ask the core OpenSim team for support.



Initial information is available from http://www.metaverseink.com/blog/?p=37... (permission to summarise being sought)

Diva Distribution

Wifi is included and enabled by default in the Diva Distribution:

Adding Wifi to your OpenSim Setup

TBA - notes here are guesswork at present. Hoping to clarify what is needed and where its available.

Additions to Standard OpenSim Distribution (from 0.7 onwards)

Source Code Approach

Get Diva Distribution which contains the Wifi modules from http://github.com/diva/diva-distribution/

Extract the following into your standard OpenSim distribution:

  • addon-modules/Wifi/*
  • addon-modules/1WifiScriptEngine/*
  • add-on-modules/Modules/*
  • WifiPages/*

Use addon-modules/Wifi/Wifi.ini.example as a basis for what to add to the relevant OpenSim.ini and either Robust.ini or Robust.HG.ini depending on your architecture.

More I am sure...

Binary Approach

Partial trial to see what is needed. Not working yet.

Obtain the required modules from the Diva Distribution and place them in the equivalent locations in your OpenSim directory:

  • bin/Diva.Modules.dll (needed or not?)
  • bin/Diva.Wifi.dll
  • bin/Diva.Wifi.ScriptEngine.dll
  • WifiPages/*
  • doc/WIFI.txt
  • Additional licence or readme text needed?

Additions to Robust.ini or Robust.HG.ini


Additions to OpenSim.ini


Setting Configuration Parameters

   GridName = "grid name"
   LoginURL = "<hostname>:9000|http://<hotsname>:9000 "
   WebAddress = "<hostname>:9000|http://<hostname>:9000 "
   ;; The Wifi Administrator account
   AdminFirst = "Wifi"
   AdminLast = "Admin"
   AdminEmail = "you@example.com"
   ;; Do you want to be able to control grid registrations?
   AccountConfirmationRequired = false
   ;; Variables for your mail server
   ;; Users will get email notifications from this account.
   SmtpHost = "mail.example.com"
   SmtpPort = "587"
   SmtpUsername = "you@example.com"
   SmtpPassword = ""

Wifi URLs When Operational


  • Diva Tagus Test World (temporary August 2010): [1]
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