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Addon Modules

  • Wifi - A Simple Account Management Front-end


Name License Framework/CMS Description Last update Link
Vortex GPLv3 - Web Interface that will provide the same Features as Wifi and the Second Life Account Site, includes Integretion for Payments of Regions, and For Gloebits. Unknown Vortex
Modlos GPLv3 Moodle Web Interface for Moodle. This software is sister application of XoopenSim. Modlos has same functions with XoopenSim and supports cooperation with Sloodle 2016-12-24 Website
SimianGrid  ? - A scalable, extensible, light-weight, open source persistence layer for MMOs and virtual worlds, written in PHP. In February 2020, removal of obsolete support for simianGrid (Commit #941b65) 2010-09-20 Source Code
unga  ? - Both an UGAIM (User, Grid, Assets, Inventory, Messaging) server system and a backend for configuring that servers. Also, its modular architecture allows to create (or plug) specialized modules created in standard PHP. Last Update: 2013-05-02 . 2010-04-01 Download unga
jOpenSim  ? Joomla! Joomla! component for interacting with an OpenSimulator server and 2 modules (grid status and friends online) and a plugin (jOpenSimRegister). The component is developed and designed with opensimulator starting from V running in grid or standalone mode with MySQL as storage engine. 2018-08-23 Website
OSMW - A OpenSim Web Manager in PHP 2015-09-13 Source Code
oswp GPL-2.0+ WordPress oswp OpenSim WordPress Experimental Webinterface (PHP7 ready). oswp-regionsliste, oswp-createavatar, oswp-splash, oswp-regionsgenerator, oswp-uuidgenerator, oswp-md5generator 2019-08-01 oswp
MicroWebInterface BSD-licensed - MicroWebInterface Splash with Map for PHP5.6+ (PHP7 ready) 2018-10-23 Download Github
d4os GPLv3 Drupal Integration to control an OpenSim grid from a Drupal website 2018-03-09 Website
W4OS OpenSimulator Interface AGPLv3 WordPress Ready to use WordPress interface to manage OpenSimulator users, registrations and stats 2020-06-23 Git repo

Optional modules

  • XmlRpcGroups - A set of xmlrpc methods to manage groups in opensim. See this page for how to configure it.
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