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Addon Modules

  • Wifi - A Simple Account Management Front-end


  • XoopenSim - Web Interface for Xoops Cube. v1.50 supports MySQL Data Base of 0.6.7,0.6.8,0.6.9 and 0.7, 0.7.1Dev, and it includes flotsam group function, osprofile, ossearch, mute list and login screen function.
  • Modlos - Web Interface for Moodle. This software is sister application of XoopenSim. Modlos has same functions with XoopenSim and supports cooperation with Sloodle.
  • D4os - A set of Drupal modules to control a grid.
  • SimianGridFrontend - The PHP-based web interface that accompanies SimianGrid. SimianGridFrontend is based on the CodeIgniter PHP MVC framework.
  • SimianGrid - A scalable, extensible, light-weight, open source persistence layer for MMOs and virtual worlds, written in PHP. Also provides the frontend mentioned above and WebDAV access to inventory.
  • unga - Both an UGAIM (User, Grid, Assets, Inventory, Messaging) server system and a backend for configuring that servers. Also, its modular architecture allows to create (or plug) specialized modules created in standard PHP.
  • jOpenSim - Joomla! component for interacting with an OpenSimulator server and 2 modules (grid status and friends online) and a plugin (jOpenSimRegister). The component is developed and designed with opensimulator starting from V running in grid or standalone mode with MySQL as storage engine.
  • OSMW - OpenSim Manager Web by Nino85 Whitman. You are a user, restart your region, backup OAR and more..You are hosting regions, you have less work to do. Everyone is happy, users are independant and hosts are more free!

Optional modules

  • XmlRpcGroups - A set of xmlrpc methods to manage groups in opensim. See this page for how to configure it.


  • HWIOS - Websocket CMS with experimental OpenSimulator support. HWIOS includes OpenSimulator user management, region management with interactive scalable maps, distributed service management(start/stop/kill service + remote websocket consoles), IAR/OAR sharing through teknon webdav shares, websocket chat, a realtime distributed wiki(hyki) and a simple collaborative drawing application. HWIOS is currently compatible with OpenSimulator 0.7.1 and webkit browsers(Chrome/Chromium 8+, Safari and FF4 to some degree). For more information, check out the HWIOS Blog
  • Teknon - A Twisted TCP daemon, capable of communicating over a persistent connection between local services and HWIOS websockets through subprocess pipes. HWIOS uses teknon for distributed service management and remote consoles.
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