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Addon Modules

  • Wifi - A Simple Account Management Front-end


  • XoopenSim - Web Interface for Xoops Cube. v1.50 supports MySQL Data Base of 0.6.7,0.6.8,0.6.9 and 0.7, 0.7.1Dev, and it includes flotsam group function, osprofile, ossearch, mute list and login screen function.
  • Modlos - Web Interface for Moodle. This software is sister application of XoopenSim. Modlos has same functions with XoopenSim and supports cooperation with Sloodle.
  • OpenSim Web Interface This is a PHP Web Interface for OpenSim (Open Simulator Project), it allows grid citizens to create User Accounts to access the grid. Grid Owners can also manage all users for the grid, with a very powerful CMS system included. (Beta Release for 0.7.x is in Branches)
  • D4os - A set of Drupal modules to control a grid.
  • SimianGridFrontend - The PHP-based web interface that accompanies SimianGrid. SimianGridFrontend is based on the CodeIgniter PHP MVC framework.
  • Nwg Rest Ajax Manager - A remote console using php & ajax to user with RestConsole system.
  • Nwg Ajax Map - A dynamic map of the grid using ajax with a reservation system.
  • SimianGrid - A scalable, extensible, light-weight, open source persistence layer for MMOs and virtual worlds, written in PHP. Also provides the frontend mentioned above and WebDAV access to inventory.
  • unga - Both an UGAIM (User, Grid, Assets, Inventory, Messaging) server system and a backend for configuring that servers. Also, its modular architecture allows to create (or plug) specialized modules created in standard PHP.
  • jOpenSim - Joomla! component for interacting with an OpenSimulator server and 2 modules (grid status and friends online). The component is developed and designed with opensimulator starting from V running in grid mode with MySQL as storage engine, but also can work with standalone mode.

Optional modules

  • XmlRpcGroups - A set of xmlrpc methods to manage groups in opensim. See this page for how to configure it.
  • ossearch - A set of xmlrpc methods to manage search, events and classifieds. See this page for how to configure it.
  • osprofile - A set of xmlrpc methods to manage persistent profile.
  • webassets - A script to render assets pictures to display on a website.


  • HWIOS - Websocket CMS with experimental OpenSimulator support. HWIOS includes OpenSimulator user management, region management with interactive scalable maps, distributed service management(start/stop/kill service + remote websocket consoles), IAR/OAR sharing through teknon webdav shares, websocket chat, a realtime distributed wiki(hyki) and a simple collaborative drawing application. HWIOS is currently compatible with OpenSimulator 0.7.1 and webkit browsers(Chrome/Chromium 8+, Safari and FF4 to some degree). For more information, check out the HWIOS Blog
  • Teknon - A Twisted TCP daemon, capable of communicating over a persistent connection between local services and HWIOS websockets through subprocess pipes. HWIOS uses teknon for distributed service management and remote consoles.
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