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Actively developed Web Interfaces


  • XoopenSim - Web Interface for Xoops Cube. v1.33 supports MySQL Data Base of 0.6.7,0.6.8,0.6.9 and 0.7Dev, and it includes flotsam group function and modified osprofile function.
  • D4os - A set of Drupal modules to control a grid. (actually in alpha stage using OpenSim 0.6.8)
  • SimianGridFrontend - The PHP-based web interface that accompanies SimianGrid. SimianGridFrontend is based on the CodeIgniter PHP MVC framework.

Grid Services

  • SimianGrid - A scalable, extensible, light-weight, open source persistence layer for MMOs and virtual worlds, written in PHP. Also provides the frontend mentioned above and WebDAV access to inventory.
  • unga - Both an UGAIM (User, Grid, Assets, Inventory, Messaging) server system and a backend for configuring that servers. Also, its modular architecture allows to create (or plug) specialized modules created in standard PHP.

Optional modules

  • XmlRpcGroups - A set of xmlrpc methods to manage groups in opensim. See this page for how to configure it.
  • ossearch - A set of xmlrpc methods to manage search, events and classifieds. See this page for how to configure it.
  • osprofile - A set of xmlrpc methods to manage persistent profile.
  • webassets - A script to render assets pictures to display on a website.


  • Hwios - The web-interface part of several subprojects that were initiated in order to make Opensim administration and community building easier. HWIOS support user management, region management and service management for Opensim 0.69 currently.

Web Services

  • Teknon - A Twisted TCP client, capable of communicating in realtime between local services and HWIOS through subprocess pipes.
  • OSMaps - Tilemap service(TMS), capable of rendering and displaying a scalable world map through openlayers within HWIOS
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